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George RR Martin Book Signing

Tuesday, August 2, 2011
Recently I had the wonderful opportunity to see George RR Martin in person! Denver was one of his ten stops on his book signing tour.  I was so thrilled to find this out.  I was a little bummed because the book store told me to be there at 3 (it started at 2) because I was number 395 (there was up to 700 people).  We were told he would NOT speak.   So OK I get there about 2:20 and sure enough he is speaking!  They have it on the loud speakers and I only hear like 5 minutes of his talk.  THAT was a bummer.  But otherwise it was fun. I was able to get three books signed! 

 Lines for the signing!

 Me and Mr. Martin!


  1. Eeeek! I cannot express how incredibly jealous I am of you! :D

  2. WOW! That is *S0* amazing!!!! I watched the series, and I just downloaded the first 4 books last night!

    As for missing most of the talk...I did that once when I went to go see Tamora Pierce at a library signing...I was making good time, but I wasn't familiar with the area, and until I got there, I didn't realize how close I was getting to LA. Of course I hit traffic, and got there toward the tail end of her talk. But it was still an amazing experience, and I would do it all over again--And I'm sure you had a fantastic time, too!!! So happy for you!!!

  3. You are going to love love the series! I can't wait to read your reviews nymfaux!

  4. lol he looks like the old man from the sea...:)

  5. Great Blog! Love it!!! Can't wait to read his book!

    Lola x

  6. Sucks that it didn't work out exactly as planned but at least you got the opportunity to meet him! I doubt he has any plans to make it out to Australia :(

  7. Soo super awesome. I would have been asking Mr. Martin to write Drogo back in and probably would have been kicked out for harassment. LOL


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