Saturday, August 6, 2011

Smokin Seventeen by Janet Evanovich Review

Smokin Seventeen by Janet Evanovich

I just love this series.  It is such a fun short read!!  Here is the goodreads description of this book:

Where there's smoke there's fire, and no one knows this better than New Jersey bounty hunter, Stephanie Plum. The bail bonds office has burned to the ground, and bodies are turning up in the empty construction lot. To make matters worse, Stephanie is working out of a motor home she shares with a dancing bear, and Joe Morelli's old world grandmother has declared a vendetta against her. And just when Stephanie decides it might be time to choose between the two men in her life, Morelli and Ranger, a third man from Stephanie's past moves back to Trenton...

Break out a cold drink and slap on some sunscreen, this summer is sure to be a scorcher with Smokin' Seventeen.

I was really hoping this book would include a new love interest.  SOMETIMES I get sick of going back and forth between Morelli and Ranger. I just want Stephanie to show them that she is not just a sex toy and is datable.  I am so glad though that all my favorite characters are back in the book.  I really thought Morelli's grandma is hilarious in this book.  I see that book #18 is coming out in November this year!  I am not sure why there are two books in one year.  I hope that doesn't mean that the series is going to be over soon. :(  This book included a set of TWO stickers in the back of the book (see picture below).  I had a library copy of the book... so my question is to take the stickers or not to take the stickers?  I mean they are in a library book.. someone is going to take them.  But then again I want others to see the stickers.  What would you do?



  1. I think leave them and hope many will see them before someone does the silly. LOL
    I've only read one of these and I did quite enjouy it. I need to find the earliest though. That's for the lovely review.

  2. ...I'm not going to lie...I was in the same situation...and I took the stickers :P *library police breaks through my windows and drags me off to book defacing jail*