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Sad about those leaving Blogger

Sunday, February 26, 2012
I am a little sad about those leaving Blogger.  Not really sure why there is such a mass exodus of bloggers leaving Blogger.  They all want us to follow them in other ways now.  By email... but I get enough spam that I don't want a bunch of updates from blogs, by RSS, well I don't use RSS, by saving their blog in my favorites... well I like to just skim blogs through the blogger updates not go to their page everyday to see what they are talking about especially if possibly the post doesn't interest me. There is also follow from Network Blogs but that barley works.  I follow my own and I think it is supposed to show up on facebook or something but has never worked.  So in the end it is a bummer for me that they are all leaving I will miss following them without hassle.  Maybe I just don't know enough about the difference between the two and what makes Word Press so much better? 



  1. I hear ya. I know there are other ways to follow blogs, but I am really use to using the blog list that is in the main blogger section. Nothing else seems to work quite the same, or be quite as convenient. Do I have RSS up and have I started adding people that way? Sure. But then I have to remember how to get to it. Annoying.

  2. I feel the same way. I signed up for this linky follow thing, but don't really ever use it. I just like my blogger. I do get the Networked blog updates on Facebook occasionally. I have RSS that I think can do it with my Google +, but I still haven't really gotten the hang of, or the point of, Google +.

  3. I agree. I have heard wordpress has more options and features, so people who are more tech savvy like it a lot better. But all these follow options are just starting to get annoying. GRRR

  4. I have always found it easier to follow with Blogger since I have a blog and I am there several times a day (or several times an hour). I just found quite a few blogs in my RSS feed that I thought I had signed up to follow by email, so I don't even know what to do with them now. I have a lot of blogs I follow on WordPress, but I don't even know where to sign in or how to go read those blogs. Too much evolving technology for me to keep up with.

  5. With the changes to GFC, I have started adding RSS feeds of blogs I want to follow to Google Reader and I am finding that works fine.
    I also don't want to subscribe via email - I get enough stuff in my inbox each day as it is.

  6. I love Blogger. Will definitely stick with it and GFC, but I also added several other follow options as well.
    Linky Followers
    Add to reader (Google Reader for example)
    _yay_ @

  7. I don't see why people are leaving blogger either. I'll stick with it til I'm the only one left. :) I follow people by RSS sometimes, and just add them to my google reader. That way I can get to them and my blogger follows in the same place. It makes it much easier to keep track.

  8. I've been wondering that as well. I love Blogger, yeah it has it's bugs and quirks, but it is the easiest way to follow all of the blogs I want to without having a ton of updates filling up my mailbox. I'll be sticking with Blogger. :)

  9. Glad I am not the only one wondering about this!!!

  10. Angela, you can still continue reading all your favorites via your Google Reader. Just subscribe to the blogs' RSS feeds.

    Tatiana (The Readventurer)

  11. I was thinking the same thing. I actually had a Wordpress blog a couple of years ago and I find Blogger much easier to use. I'm still able to do some html stuff if I wish, but in WP it always seemed more confusing. But everyone has their opinion! (Love the graphic btw. ^_^)

  12. I'm with you. I love the simplicity of Blogger too. I'm happy here. I have this whole, "If it ain't broke don't fix it mentality."


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