Saturday, February 11, 2012

Polar Plunge for Special Olympics

First off ... this has nothing to do with reading.  But I still thought I would share it with all my followers.  My husband and I participated in a Polar Plunge.  OK... I'll admit.  I didn't end up jumping in.  We kinda screwed up.  It cost $85 a person and we started our fundraising two weeks before and didn't think we would get enough money.  So we set up only one account.  WELL we ended up raising $320!  But when we called they wouldn't separate the money into two people.  :(  So my husband ended up going alone.  It was still a lot of fun!  He said it was such a shock to the system when you jump in but a whole lot of fun!  My uncle has down syndrome so this cause means a lot to me.  Plus Special Olympics is only privately funded, no government assistance at all!  So every dollar really counts. Here are some more pictures:

This is the triangle people jump in! 
 Denver Police Department Tebowing
 Jumping IN!!

Unfortunately I don't have a pic of my hubby jumping in since I was filming BUT as soon as we have it on youtube I will post the link to that here.  (He is currently in bath warming up).   If you get the chance to do this go for it!  Your bucket list will get shorter!

UPDATE:  Here is the video  I have to leave a link to our website instead of youtube

Polar Plunge movie


  1. Wow- what a cool thing to do! Definitely a once in a lifetime experience! Love the pics!

  2. This is great and a unique experience, like you wrote, it is something for the bucket list. I have family members with special needs and if I had the opportunity I would participate of something like this. I'm glad you made this post.

  3. I hope you guys are able to see the video! It is hilarious and I just posted it. Thanks for your support!