Saturday, September 11, 2010


I HATE electronics.  They always break around me... and I mean the littlest things.  I do nothing to them and they break.  But I also hate them because they cost so damn much and break in no time. For example we have had many computers break within 3-4 years.  Just boom... obsolete.  We even stupidly sent in our last laptop thinking it was still under warranty when Gateway let's us know that it was users fault.  How is the screen coming off users fault?  Because we opened and closed it???  Then we get the computer back... and they broke it WORSE!  So within a week... tossed.  Our little digital camera.. broke from sand.  More phones then you can count have broke or become old (especially cell phones).  Dvd players get too hot or just break.  Cable boxes... just threw out three.  And now our 5 year old DLP TV just... woosh... broke.  The bulb goes out.  OK fine we know those TVs do that.  Why though do we order a new bulb put it in and the whole system crashes?? ??   And an expensive TV at that.  I sure do miss the quality of old electronics.  CRT TVs... I still have two.. one of them from the 80s, I sure do miss them.  The old hard ass big phones... those never broke.  Oh electronics... I have a love/hate relationship with you!

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