Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Internet Preditors

I just read another scary blog post today.  I keep reading about all these things happening on goodreads and in the blogging world that it makes me question my safety.  Hippies, Beauty and Books posted this really informative post on how to try to keep yourself safe go here to read protecting yourself from internet preditors. .  There is a new site out there trying to stop negative reviews and apparently goodreads is now going through our reviews and hiding any of the ones that mention authors!! Go here to read about members discovering this! 

This whole thing is terrible... and if you go here you can read about bloggers being sued for using pictures on their pages!  So sad!!  

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  1. I heard about this too! The horrible thing is that sometimes we want to mention authors somewhat in the story, and sometimes not to bash them, but to congratulate them on a fantastic job! -.- And I think that GR Bullies thing is SO out of proportion! Great post, Angela, I read a post like Hippies, Beauty, and Books' from Cuddlebuggery but now I have to go check out that one :)