Sunday, January 8, 2017

Sunday Post

Let's chat about what's going on this week... on my blog.. on other blogs... on the internet... and just everywhere!    I link up my post to Sunday Post hosted by Kimba the Caffeinated Reader.

Hello everyone.  It has been a busy few months.  I've been in TX for a long time helping my sister. I've been trying to get a lot of reading done during this time.  So I should have some reviews coming up.  If you ever check out my blog about my diabetic cats then you know we had to send one of my cats over the rainbow bridge.  It was so sad and hard. It was awful. But we did have an amazing experience by having a veterinarian come to our house to do it.  Then end of 2016 has pretty much just sucked.  I'm so ready for 2017.  I did participate in a book secret Santa exchange hosted by True Book Addict.   When I get my package and open it, I'll post a picture of it on here. I received my package from Truth, Beauty, Freedom, & Books.  I loved every book I received!  Thanks so much.  The blogger I received for the exchange is Readerbuzz.  She should have her package by now and I'm so excited for her to open it (if she hasn't already).  I scrambled to get it together since I unexpectedly ended up out of town while the Secret Bookish Santa event was going on. 

It's so odd to be in TX over the month of December.  No snow.  But the weather is nuts.  With one day being 54 and then next day 78.  I also miss the snow.  I did get to see Rouge One on opening night.  I thought it was pretty fantastic.  A great story that leads into the Star Wars movies.  I would recommend you all going to see it.  I'm currently watching 11/22/63 that finally came in from the library.  I loved the book so I am hoping the show lives up to it.   I love looking for the Stephen King easter eggs in the show.  I had to google some that I didn't spot. 

I'm back in the gym tomorrow.  I've had to take a lot of time off with my sister and with one of our vehicles out of service for about 3 months (the body shop had it that WHOLE time). I'm going to look like one of those new years resolution people who only go for a month!  I'm really dreading getting back in.  Ughhh... the beginning of getting in shape is always the hardest! 

Happy 2017 everyone!  Hope you reach all your reading goals this year. 

Also... it's time for me to sign up for some reading challenges.  My favorite one is of course the Graphic Novel Challenge. I'm going for the Golden Age. 104 books!  Here are the rules:

It's time to start signing up for the 2017 challenge.  This is the 10th anniversary of this challenge and my 6th year as host

  • Please write a sign-up post on your blog and then sign-up below with a link to your specific sign-up post (NOT to your home page).  
  • What counts:  graphic novels, collected trade editions, manga, comic strip collections, comic books or combinations of text and bubbles all in the same book. In print or digital. Anything else you feel is suitable.  My personal criteria is if it has either frames OR speech bubbles it counts.  I'm not going to be the comic police but if you are unsure, ask me in the comments any given month.
  • You must write a review and link to it for it to count towards the challenge. Reviews may be posted on your blog or goodreads or similar places. Several reviews may be gathered and posted in one link on your blog, but each book must be linked back here in the monthly linkies to count. Come back every month to record your progress.

Here is how the Challenge plays out:

Runs from Jan.1 - Dec. 31, 2017

Modern Age: read and review 12 books during the year (that's only 1 book a month)
Bronze Age: read and review 24 books during the year (Can you handle 2 books a month.)
Silver Age: read and review 52 books during the year (Are you up to a book a week!)
Golden Age: read and review 104 books during the year (Are you addicted? 2 books a week!)

 You must sign up for a level, but once you complete that level you may move up and try for the next one.

Please spread the word everyone!  

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