Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Comic Adventures Issue #55

read a lot of comics and rarely review them here on the blog. That's because I really don't have a lot to say for an entire post.  So I thought I would review several comics on one post.  I will still review graphic novels on their own now and then, but this is where I will talk about super-hero type comics (DC/Marvel) or sequels to some that I have already reviewed.

This issue I discuss Green Arrow Vol. 1 Rebirth, Wonder Woman Vol. 1 Rebirth,  Vader Down, and Harley Quinn Vol. 5

Well... I couldn't get into Green Lantern in New 52 and this Rebirth Green Lantern wasn't great either. The artwork was messy to me, I couldn't tell but maybe the artist switched during the series? Green Arrow (Oliver Queen) loses everything  His company is in trouble and run by people who want to use it and it's money (Batman movies anyone?). Black Window shows up and there are these cheesy references to her being a rockstar (from the New 52) why was that even mentioned?? And why is Green Arrow in Seattle and not Star City?  There are masked villains which at first I though was The Court of Owls but then realized it wasn't them (but technically let's be honest they are totally Court of Owls in Seattle). Maybe the book is off to a slow start so I will try vol.2 when it's published.  I think I made it to vol. 3 in the Green Arrow series in New 52 but just couldn't get past that. I do like seeing Green Arrow with his beard and hair the way it always looks in the comics and wish the CW show would make Oliver Queen have this same classic look. 
2 out of 5

This was only a middle of the road Wonder Woman comic for me. I didn't like the whole story plot of Wonder Woman trying to figure out what her origin story is. Is she an Olympian?  Was she born from clay?  The only child in Themyscira or one of many children?  I don't really care which origin but just pick one.  She can't remember.  I'm guessing this is because Rebirth wants to move on with Diana's story line. I was quite excited when Diana goes to Cheetah for help (though why Cheetah knows where Diana's homeland is doesn't really make sense). I always thought Cheetah was a cool pretty villain in Wonder Woman's world since I was a little girl.  The readers even got a back story on Cheetah though I was disappointed in the outcome of Cheetah's story at the end.  The comic also kind of awkwardly slipped Steve Trevor into the story so I'm not sure if he's going to be in the rest of Wonder Woman's Rebirth stories.  They talk about her relationship with Superman (New 52) but I was pretty sure they broke up in those comics.  Plus Steve starts talking about what I think is his wife and child and then Wonder Woman says she's going to kiss him and he let's her?  NOOOO... Not OK.    
3 out of 5
PS.  I recently read in Entertainment Weekly that this issue is supposed to present Wonder Woman as bisexual?  I totally missed that when reading.  I guess it implies she and Cheetah had a relationship?  

So I didn't even know this comic existed until I was about to start Vader Vol. 3 and noticed some reviews talking about this comic. It seems odd to me that this comic had to happen.  It's because Vader and the characters in Star Wars comics have to cross at one point or another I suppose. It's just too bad it had to happen so early on in the comics.  Already a crossover?  Ughhh.  The comic itself was good.  So from the Vader comic story line Vader is still following leads from Dr. Arpha on where Luke Skywalker is. Luke is with Leia, Chewy, the droids and Han. After reading this comic, it's almost like Marvel should just merge Vader and the Star Wars comics together.  What I have liked about Vader in modern writing/movies is that we are just now getting to see and read just how vicious and powerful he is. I didn't find that with the older films/books. In this comic he takes on so many rebel forces all alone.  We get to see the rebels floating dead in space.  Epic. Dr Arpha is still just a so so character.  I'm hoping there's more to her in Vader vol. 3
3 out of 5

I still love the Harley New 52 series. I enjoy them because they aren't really meant to be taken serious and are funny at times.  Unlike most of the DC comics which have pretty serious stories, Harley's books consist of several stories mixed into one comic that help us get to know her character.  In this volume Harley does run into the Joker again which is the first time she does in the New 52. I didn't love that part.  It shows Harley finally standing up to him but I could've done without that. This comic is for an adult audience.  It has a lot of sexuality in it and other references are certainly for an older group of readers.  I love that Power Girl makes an appearance... if you didn't read the Quinn comic where she becomes a sidekick for Power Girl go and pick it up.   The art in this book is really good too (the artist who did the cover isn't the artist for the inside of the book). Before the New 52 run of Harley Quinn ends I'm hoping to see her actually be evil and not just some goofy fun girl. I want to know why Harley is known as a villain.  Batwoman seems more evil then Quinn in the New 52. 

4 out of 5

This counts for 30 comics towards my 2017 Graphic Novel Reading Challenge

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