Saturday, April 19, 2014

Sunday Post

Let's chat about what's going on this week... on my blog.. on other blogs... on the internet... and just everywhere!    I link up my post to Sunday Post and Stacking the Shelves.

I've decided to go back to all the post I've posted about books I've read for my Young Adult Book Club and add a graphic with all the discussion questions I've come up with for those books.  It takes a long time sometimes to come up with those questions and I thought.. why not implement them into the blog and let others enjoy the questions if they are also hosting a book club.  It might be a lot of work... but I think it will be worth it. The first one you as blog readers will see is for Cinder next week, unless you go back through my reviews and find the other ones.

On the Blog:
-I review the video game Scribblenauts which is super fun .. I am finally on Steam.
-Top Ten Bookish things I own/want !
-I talk about whether the internet has ruined or helped reading book series???
- I post about National Library Week and what I love about my library!
- New Project Disney this week... I talk about the second Pooh movie that Disney made.  I bet you didn't even know they had two?????  Winnie the Pooh (2011)

In the blogospere:
-For those that follow the blog you know I love me some Disney and the Notebook Sisters talk about how Disney destroyed their souls!  Ok not really.. they actually talk about how cool Disney is.
-Parajunkie talks about keeping your blog fresh and new.  I need to brainstorm some ideas myself.
- Bout of Book is coming up!  May 12-18! They are looking for some experts to help them out too.
-Armchair BEA has signups started.  Will you be participating?  I have only participated in this one time before when I first started blogging so I look forward to trying it out again. 

For my video game lovers this week.. we have a new Clueless Gamer video!

Books, books, books:
I am still on the journey of reading unique books.  I just got from the library The Collected Works of TS Spivet by Reif Larsen. Has anyone else read this?

Don't forget about the Clean Sweep ARC Challenge I and Kimba are hosting!  You only have about 2 weeks or so to sign up... even if you have only one ARC to catch up on that's OK.  There's prizes! ;)

Clean Sweep ARC Challenge May 2014

Friday, April 18, 2014

Project Disney- Winnie the Pooh (2011)

Project Disney: The plan is to tackle all of the Disney films, re-reading the classic stories and tales that inspired many of them and to look at how the changes the filmmakers made, the new elements they introduced and the essential elements they kept. We will, of course, be talking about the films as movies as well, saying why we enjoy them and what some of our favorite moments are, but our focus will be on looking at them as adaptations. For the films that are not drawn from any one work we’ll be looking at some of the possible literary influences that we see in the stories. I am participating in Project Disney inspired by Picture Me Reading!  

I have really grown a new love for Winnie the Pooh. Before starting Project Disney I had forgotten that Disney released 2 full length theatrical Pooh movies. The second one (this week's Project Disney) came out in 2011. There are 5 Pooh movies released in Theaters but this one falls under the Walt Disney Animated Classic Movies which are the ones I am covering under Project Disney. Unlike the first Pooh movie The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, this movie doesn't stay as close to the original stories by A.A. Milne.  This movie does include scenes from the stories "In Which Eeyore Loses a Tail and Pooh Finds One" and "In Which Piglet Meets a Heffalump" from Winnie the Pooh. The other story is found in The House at Pooh Corner: "In Which Rabbit Has a Busy Day and We Learn What Christopher Robin Does in the Mornings".

 I like that this movie follows the format of the first movie.  Both movies start out with scenes from Christopher Robin's bedroom with the opening of a story book.  Also both movies have animated scenes that take place inside a book.  It is much too short of a film... only 70 minutes long.   This movie's plot is about a sign that everyone find that says Christopher Robin will be back soon.  But Owl reads it as Christopher Robin is captured by a Backson!

They set up a trap for the Backson and Pooh falls into it.  There is an amazing play on words during this part of the film. The whole gang (Owl, Eeyore, Kangaroo, Roo, Rabbit and Pooh) all fall into the pit except Piglet. It doesn't even dawn on them that Owl can get them out!!

Really these films and stories are quite enjoyable.  I am so glad to have revisited the world of Pooh as an adult.  This film is much more modern then The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh but still has that wonderful feeling of innocence. For Project Disney I was not really excited about the Pooh films or books.  Once I read the book and watched the movies though I was very impressed.  If you have visited Pooh in years like myself you should give it another go.  The film ends like all Pooh films should end.. with Christopher Robin and Pooh walking off together, best friends for life.

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The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Thursday, April 17, 2014

National Library Week 2014

Since this is National Library Week I didn't want to let it go by without giving libraries some love.  I really discovered my local library in 2007.  I went in and looked around and finally picked up Life of Pi.  I went home and read it and thought how fascinating it was that I got so much entertainment for free.  I have been hooked ever since.  My library not only checks out books, but also movies AND video games.  I have checked out countless items.

I thought I would share a list of the reasons why I cherish libraries so much!

1.  Digital Library - I love that the library is now so digital.  I don't even have to leave my house to check out comics, magazines or books.  I use Overdrive with my library for books, Comicsplus for comics, and Zino to check out magazines.  The magazines my library has goes from Martha Stewart, Oprah and In Style! Your library has to be signed up with these apps in order to use them.  If your library is not using ComicsPlus or Zino suggest that they do!

2. Checking out books/comics/video games/ movies.  I love that I can check out video games from my library.. and I get to keep them for 7 days!! Movies too.  There is not only the 7 day check out but the rapid view check outs that I can watch in no time.

3. Architecture.  Ok for some this may seem like an odd reason to love a library.. but seriously some places have their libraries in amazing buildings.  The Salt Lake City Library is one of the most fabulous libraries I have ever visited.  I love libraries in big cities, even the Denver Public Library has a neat building.

The American Library Association asks us to tweet about how the library has changed our lives using the hashtag #LivesChange and #NLW14. What about you?  Do you love your library?  Do you not use your library?  Maybe since this is National Library Week you should take the time to stop by your local one and show some love. Just look around and see what they have to offer.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Does the internet ruin finishing a series?

So recently my mom read Divergent,  She loved it.  The movie was coming out so she was interested in seeing what it was all about.  She and I were texting back and forth about it and I told her that I didn't really care for the ending in Allegiant.  All of a sudden I get a text from her saying she went ahead and looked on wikipedia for what happens in the rest of the series.

This discussion with my mom got me thinking... do we now not finish books that we think could be bad because of the help of the internet?  I wonder that if prior to the internet and being able to find story endings would my mom actually have read the whole series?  There are even a few series I don't want to bother finishing because ... hey I can just google it.  Sometimes a series just get so boring or off that I just don't want to finish it but still would like to know what happens to the characters. 

Honestly the internet has really made us be able to not sit through mediocre entertainment.  Movies, books, even yes video games! (For me at least.. I google when I am stuck on a game). There is even an amazing blog called the Recaptains that summarize series for us readers.  I do like this... sometimes it takes so long for series to come out anymore and I just don't want to re-read the whole thing when a new book is released.  I just can't remember everything that happens and need to get a recap (Game of Thrones anyone????).

It's hard to decide.  Does the internet save us from reading a boring or slow series?  Or does it cause us to miss the journey of reading books?

Monday, April 14, 2014

Top Ten Bookish Things I Own/Want to Own

It’s Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by the wonderful blog at The Broke and the Bookish! This week's topic is Top Ten Bookish Items.     I thought I would post five bookish things that I already own and then five bookish items that I want!! 

#1 As some of you know I am a huge Stephen King Fan. Cafepress sells a ton of Stephen King items and I loved this tee-shirt sooo much.  All Constant Readers should have this shirt!

#2 I love these potion Harry Potter Bookmarks from GeekOutlet on Etsy!!!  You can even pick any potion you want made!

#3 I love the poster I got from Poster Text which has the entire book of Alice and Wonderland on it.  Plus the fun print of Cheshire Cat I got from the Denver Comic Con. 

# 4 I love the bag I use to pick up library books... it's an Edward Gorey print on it!!

#5 I have a really cool cover for my phone.  It's call the Book Book (see more pictures here). 
I love it so much.  It's leather and is supposed to get worn and scratched so that it looks like an old book.  

Ok well now I am going to post 5 Bookish Items I would love to have!!

#6 I love love love bookends!!  This Etsy Shop called has a ton of neat and different book ends.  I really want to order a set one I finally get new bookshelves! 
#7 Speaking of bookshelves.. I really do need some new ones.  The ones I have are from like 1980! LOL!  My mom gave them to me. I need some new ones and I am looking at Target. I love ones that look modern and fun!

 #7 A ticket to visit New York City.  While there I will stay at the Library Hotel and go see the NY Public Library!! 

#8 I love these Jane Austen bookmarks from Etsy!!

#9 Someone please get me this Star Wars book iPhone charger!!!  I love it!!

#10  Finally I'd like to get to Maine and see Stephen King's house.  I did get to see him in person when King came to Boulder which was such a great experience!

 What on your Top Ten this week??

Sribblenauts Unmasked - Video Game Review

I don't play a lot of computer games.  For one thing I have Macs and there aren't a lot made for them. We have Parallels but I hadn't really used it yet. A friend of mine came over with their PC and we played a bunch of games on their Steam account. One of the games they showed me was Scribblenauts and I was in love.  After they left I went and set up an account on Steam and downloaded them game.  I did have to use Parallels since the game uses Windows.  So fun!

So the game is really interesting and since I don't have any handheld gaming devices or a Wii U I don't get to play a lot of games where I have to type in words.  The way this game works (and there are different editions this one happens to be the superhero one) is you walk around this world and are presented with puzzles that you must solve.  The way you solve them is by typing out words on your keyboard and then the object appears.  You then interact with this object.  In this game you can type the word Superman and he will appear and help you out.  You can type out Giant Robot Dinosaur and they will help you. You can even create a lightsaber and use it! You can also click on a character and type out an adjective to help you, so you can click on a villain and type sleeping and they will go to sleep. 

The only problem I have with digital games is that I can't sell them after purchasing.  While I loved this game I just don't see myself playing it over and over again forever.  Which if you follow my video game reviews is why I get most of my games from redbox.  I beat them so quickly sometimes and then they just sit there collecting dust.  My friend who is a PC gamer though loves it so much.  I find that people are either console gamers or PC gamers... just pick your poison. 

Worlds that you can unlock

I love this game!!  I recommend this to all casual gamers.  It is easy to play though I did have to google how to beat the last guy.  I kept making the right things but it wanted specifics.  Which annoyed me a little but eh... that's why there's google.   I give this game 10 out of 10!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sunday Post

Let's chat about what's going on this week... on my blog.. on other blogs... on the internet... and just everywhere!    I link up my post to Sunday Post and Stacking the Shelves.

This week was a good week.  Not only was I able to get tickets to the San Diego Comic Con.. but I also got a hotel room.  Both of those are pretty hard to get.  

On the blog:
-I watched and loved Captain America Winter Solider!
-Top Ten Unique Book Packaging
-I review the Infinite by Jodi Meadows (loved this series).
-I do another Comic Adventure Issue.. this time talking about the Manga Chi, The Dark Tower (Stephen King comic), Batgirl, and Suicide Squad.

Around the blogospere:
- Blog Notes Project looks really fun.  You can stop by and sign up.  You will be assigned another blogger's blog will also has singed up.  You will go to that person's blog and look around and write what you love about their blog and the same will be done about your blog! Fun!
-Second Run Reviews talks about Strange Logic for Traveling with an e-reader.
-Rachel Turns Pages did an entire month on Rapunzel!!  Did you miss it? If so hop over to her blog and check it out.
-Alison Can Read asks you what Summer Book Camp would you want to go to??
- I have been loving watching the show Cosmos.  Bookish Whimsey talks about what she has learned from the book by Carl Sagan
- I really enjoyed this post by Book Blog Bake about blogger burn out.  We see a lot of posts about that.  Even sometimes I feel it... this post here asks you 21 questions to ask yourself while blogging especially if you are feeling burned out.
- The Free Audio Books have been announced for the summer!!  Go get one from audiobooksync !

This week's internet video is screaming goats (which I love) performing the Game of Thrones theme song!

Books Books Books:
I didn't get any books this week... a few graphic novels from the library.  I am excited to read two of them.  One is Age of Ultron which is what the next Avengers movie is based off of.  The other comic I'm excited to read is the He-Man vol 1 !  I love He-Man and so I am soooo ready to read this one.

Sign up for my and Kimba's reading challenge if you have a lot of ARCs sitting around! I still need another host for the 3rd and 17th of May, so please email me if you are interested.

Clean Sweep ARC Challenge May 2014
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