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Armchair BEA

Thursday, April 28, 2011
This year I will be attending my first Armchair BEA! What is Armchair BEA? An online event for those that couldn't make it to BEA but equally full of awesome. Complete with giveaways, daily topic posts, blogger interviews and a whole slew of special events with updates from the convention floor itself, it's bound to be a blast.  So if you're not going, be sure to get your sign-up on it's free!  (Thanks to Bites for this information).   Looks like there are a lot of YA books that will be featured this year, some of the titles are here.  I will post more on this when I have more details... for now off to bed!



  1. Thanks for the heads up! This looks very cool.

  2. I've been looking at this for a while! I still think it's a bit too little information about how everything will work, but I took a chance and signed up anyway.. :)

    Rebecca @ kindle fever

  3. I signed up too... I wish there was more info on the whole Armchair thing. I am excited though.... maybe I will get to interview someone!

  4. O yay! I know the gals behind this and they rock!


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