Saturday, April 30, 2011

Moive Review-Fast Five

I love books like I love movies... so yes I will have movie reviews as well as books. Well, last night I went to the opening night of Fast Five. It was a great and fun action movie! Plus I love the Rock so to see him get a good role was great! I never liked any of the Fast and Furious movies after the first one so I was a little leery about seeing this one. But after finding out the Rock and Diesel were going to be in the same movie how could I miss it?  I would recommend this movie to everyone who likes action and cars!  


  1. My friend just saw this one, and he said that it was awesome! I haven't seen any of the Fast and Furious movies, so I wasn't sure about this one. Sounds like a lot of people have enjoyed it though! Oh, and I totally agree about seeing the Rock in a good role. Sometimes I think that some of his roles just don't fit him. Thanks for the movie review!

  2. Angie, you and I have a lot of things in common besides the video games--loved this movie. Of course, I liked all of them, except for Tokyo Drift, but this was probably my favorite.

    Did you stay for the extra scene at the end of the closing credits? :)