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Comic Adventures Issue #25

Monday, July 6, 2015

I read a lot of comics and rarely review them here on the blog. That's because I really don't have a lot to say for an entire post.  So I thought I would review several comics on one post.  I will still review graphic novels on their own now and then, but this is where I will talk about super-hero type comics (DC/Marvel) or sequels to some that I have already reviewed.

This issue we talk about Saga Vol. 4, Superman Batman Vol 2, Ms. Marvel Vol 1,  and Batman Vol 5 year Zero-Dark City

I am loving the Saga comics.  I mean... so unique and fun.  I didn't love volume 3 but vol 4 was a great story.  I will say I realized after finishing this volume that this series is quite short.  I read this pretty fast compared to other comics I read.  This comic book series has nudity, sex, cursing, violence,  but also love, family, friendship, and an epic story. I just don't even know how to tell you how great these comics are.  The art work is so amazing.  There is one part where some drugs are done and that art work is great.  The story is still Hazel telling us the story of her parents and it is just great. The cliffhanger ending had my mouth hanging open.  I didn't even see it coming. If you want to know just how amazing this comic is go to goodreads and read all the reviews. The character development is really coming along too.  I am actually caring about the characters and can't wait to see what happens to them.  5 out of 5
Batman/Superman Vol. 2 Game Over was better then I thought.  I remember only kind of liking the first volume because here we have Earth One and Earth Two mixing and that can confuse me a little. Even after reading this comic I have no idea which Earth it took place in!  I looked for hints but never figured it out. The first two comics included in this book are sideways.  I thought this was neat because it gave a different look to the artwork.  Speaking of artwork, the artist switches for each comic.  Honestly.. I only read these comics because of the artist Jae Lee.  I have loved him ever since I first saw his artwork in the Dark Tower comics (Stephen King).  Power Girl and Huntress show up and it's obvious that I am missing something here.  I guess I should be reading World's Finest and Action Comics but I read so many already I don't want to add anymore to the pile of comic series. 4 out of 5

I was excited to read Ms. Marvel when I saw all the hype about it. Honestly I haven't really read any Marvel comics... really because I never knew where to start.  This is a vol 1 so I was able to start somewhere.  I did enjoy it.. I really liked how diverse the comic is.  Ms. Marvel's buzz I think is because it is all about Kamala who is Muslim.  She has to deal with being different.. kind of an outsider which usually anyone can relate to.  Her family and friends are quite fun to read about also. Especially her brother. I read that this comic is linked to the Inhumans so that is kind of neat. This comic is geared to a middle school audience... but I still enjoyed it unlike the new Batgirl series which is also written for a middle school audience.  I don't know yet if I will continue on in this series.  I just have so many comics I am following. This comic sold way above expectations and people were really getting to talk about it. I would say 4 out of 5

So ... I skipped this comic and read vol 6 by accident.  So I went back and read this comic.  It was good.. but I am not into all this hype over Batman's origin story. Of course we do get to see the origin of the penny in Batman's bat cave.  That was fun to see.  Now if we could just see the dinosaur's origin! I actually haven't read Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns, Year One origin story.   I think there have been other better New 52 story lines like The Court of Owls which was super neat to read. I will admit that the Riddler as a villain is cool... but riddles get boring.  I skimmed them.  Maybe it's because I never have been able to figure riddles out and so I didn't even want to try to figure them out. The art work was great too.  Vol 6 goes onto a totally different story so you really don't need to read volumes 4 and 5 in order to read volume 6.   3 out of 5

This counts for 28 comics towards my 2015 Graphic Novels Challenge!!



  1. I need to catch back up on Saga. Right now I am reading through the Fables series.

  2. Oh yes, I agree with you, Saga is unique and absolutely great :)

  3. I need to read Saga, I have heard so many great things about it. thank you for your reviews :)

  4. Marvel is relaunching so many series right now! It is SO hard to keep up! Ms Marvel looks good, and hopefully I get around to them some time.

  5. I'm definitely going to check out Ms Marvel, and I'm thinking of giving Saga another try, since I recently read Rat Queens and enjoyed it so much. You've read that, haven't you? I'm glad you've had some pretty good reads recently. Reading your Comic Adventures shows me how very little I know about publishing in the comic world! I am keen to try some new things, though, so I'm all for that! xx

  6. Saga is really good... but it takes soooo long to come out. Really I don't think the next volume comes out till like next year!

  7. yes.... you really do need to read it. I think you would enjoy it that's for sure!

  8. Marvel is doing a big relaunch like DC did. I just can't keep up with all the comics I read already. I have been wanting to cut some of them out honestly. JUST SO MANY. I have had to put books on the back burner just to catch up on comics!!

  9. I just put Rat Queens on hold at the library!!! Thanks for the recommendation. I saw my library also has volume 2 so if I like volume 1 I'll give that one a go!

  10. Saga is definitely the next graphic novel I want to get my hands on. It looks completely up my alley! My library luckily is pretty good about comics and graphic novels, so I'm going to try and remember to pick up the volumes this week when I go to grab an audiobook!

    I have a hard time with superhero comics...either it's really intimidating to figure out where to start, or I have a really hard time with the way the women are drawn (or both). Ms. Marvel has had so much good buzz though and the cover for it looks like artwork I'll like, so I'm thinking I'm going to give it a shot!

    Your comic posts are always good for a noob like me! I find a lot of things that look good to try here :)

  11. Well, when I saw how the comic begins, I could imagine some people wouldn't like it, lol ! But it's so warm-hearted and inventive, I couldn't not love it :)


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