Friday, October 22, 2010


My so called "roommate" and I don't get along at all.  We don't speak, we don't even look at each other.  Frankly it pisses me off.  For a while there I would say hi everytime we saw each other (which is what my mom told me to do).  Then one day I thought I would test it and see if I said nothing if he would say anything.  Well the answer to that is no.  Nothing.  Straight walks past me.  I can't believe someone has the audacity to do this.  You live in my house for free, eat my food for free.  Oh yea you've started paying a little money lately only because I told you to.  You are moving out only because I told you to.  But I don't care if I EVER see or talk to you again!  Seriously.  He has never respected me since he moved into this house.  Has never tried to get involved with anything.  For a while there I thought it might be me... so I kept making effort after effort of just getting along for a few days.. and then to be let down again.  So then I made a list... which is advice that is always given to people.  And I just don't see how the relationship failure is mine.  I mean I specifically asked you to simply clean the bathroom every two weeks.  Vacuum your room once a week, and clean your sheets every two weeks.  Totally ignored.  So I have to do it.  I don't care if this seems like harsh cleaning.  It is what I do and you are in my house.  When you FINALLY go..... I hope to not have to see you again.  I don't wish you ill... but I do wish you to stay out of my life!

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