Monday, October 18, 2010


Haven't blogged in a while.  Funny that when blogging I try to think of something inspirational or smart sounding to write about.  For example... I have a friend on facebook who always writes the best posts!  Here are a couple....

I can't stand it when people misuse their, there, and they're, where, and were, to, too, and two. On that note, there is also a vast difference between saying dunno instead of don't know, and misusing the words to/too. The word "to" is a preposition/part of an infinitive, whereas "too" means also, or tambien for our ...Spanish speakers. These small illiteracies can make one seem illiterate... Happy Sunday!!


I may be the least observant person on the planet. When some people give directions they use landmarks as a directional indicator, "Oh yeah it's next to the furniture store by the bakery." I could live next door to these places for years and not know. I'll drive home and ask myself "When did they build that?" I could sitting in a lawn chair, in the dead center of a construction site, and probably not even notice.


Does anyone really like the yellow Starburst? I mean the orange Starburst is already pushing it. And every time someone wants to bum one from you, you conveniently delve out the yellow one. It's the same with Skittles. No one really wants the yellow or green and somehow the package is always full of those. I'm guessin...g the price on red food coloring is higher. It's hard to "taste the rainbow" when there is none...


My posts are never that fabulous!  I read read read yet I can't write for anything!  



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