Monday, December 19, 2011

Style by Lauren Conrad- Review

I love Lauren Conrad's style, so I had to pick up this book!  Here is the goodreads description:
Lauren Conrad is just twenty-four, but she is already well known for several reasons. Her reality roles in MTV's Laguna Beach and The Hills made her famous; her pretty face has graced the covers of Cosmo, Seventeen and other magazines; she designs a namesake clothing line; and she's the author of the top-selling teen novels L.A. Candy and Sweet Little Lies. This fully illustrated style guide features Lauren's favorite tips on looking good and staying stylish. A fine gift for any fretful teenage girl
I enjoyed this book... but most of it was stuff I learned from other manners books. But this would be GREAT for a teenager. I loved the pictures and of course I took some for this blog.. Here are just a few:

As you can see.. the book is full of pictures that will help readers understand just what LC is talking about!  Different purses you should have in your wardrobe, the different types of shoes, and even a couple of hair styles including her famous side braid.. which I am dying to try out!  She is such a cute girl and really acts like she is just like you and I in the book.  Love it!!  If you are looking for a last minute gift for a teen girl (or boy if he likes style) then this is it.  I need to check out her line at Khols!  I don't shop there much but this makes me want to go and take a peek.

My review of Lauren Conrad's book Beauty


  1. thanks for your review :) I have been thinking of getting something like this for my cousin and wanted to see what it was i'd actually be getting

  2. I think she could of combined both into one super book and it would of done well.
    This looks better though. I may have to stalk the library and check these bad boys out. I do want to master the Taylor Swift/Adele winged tip eye liner look.