Friday, October 16, 2015

Comic Adventures Issue #30

I read a lot of comics and rarely review them here on the blog. That's because I really don't have a lot to say for an entire post.  So I thought I would review several comics on one post.  I will still review graphic novels on their own now and then, but this is where I will talk about super-hero type comics (DC/Marvel) or sequels to some that I have already reviewed.

This issue I talk about Wonder Woman vol 6, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe vol 4Aquaman and the Others vol 1, and 
The Flash Vol. 5.

I still love this comic soooo much.  I just love what they are doing with Wonder Woman.. the fact that she has her own story going with zero crossover. Of course there will be new writers for the next issues.. so that sucks. This issue sums up the whole story arc we've been following and I loved it.  Wonder Woman VS the First Born. There was a little damsel in distress with Zola (the mom of the baby that is in danger).  Sometimes that got annoying in each comic but of course that is what Wonder Woman was supposed to do through this series.. protect Zola.  The ending actually kind of surprised me.  I didn't see it coming.  My favorite character Hades totally gets messed up.. that part was a little confusing.  I don't know why that was included there is some guy eating him.  I'm not sure how this happens they don't show it.  The art is still really great there are two artists in this issue and they flow really well.  Otherwise this is a really really strong series.

5 out of 5

So I am still reading along with the He-Man comics. This one was only OK for me.  Previously we saw the banishment of Skeletor, the Sorceress come back and then gone again, and the loss of Castle Greyskull.  So in this comic the King has an idea to go and bring the Sorceress back from the dead. The art work in this one is not my favorite especially comparing it to the first volume.  Eventually the crew is able to go make it through to the Sorceress and there is a twist there.  I was disappointed that She-Ra wasn't in this one.  I am not sure how far DC will go with this series.  There doesn't appear to be a lot of reviews on goodreads for it and I suspect then that it doesn't have a high readership.  Such a bummer.  Honestly I am hoping for more from the next comic.  I miss Skeletor and his crew.

3 out of5

I waited a little while to write the review on this one so forgive me if I can't remember everything I read. I love Aquaman, so I was curious about this comic.  I had chosen to not read anymore new comic series but then this came into the library and so I read it.  I didn't even remember putting it on hold! I didn't feel like there was a great introduction to the new characters "The Others".  I liked those characters because I love to see new powers.  Two of the characters looked the same to me and I had to think about which one I was reading about.  I saw this comic is getting a low score on goodreads. I don't know how popular the characters in the Others will be.  There are already so many superheros that I don't know if any of them are stand out characters.  I don't think I will read issue 2 since this one is a little forgettable.  3 out of 5

I almost gave up on the Flash comic a while back, but kept going.  Especially since I love the show so much. In fact... I was never really interested in the Flash until the show. I am glad I kept reading.  The comic had a great team up between the Flash and Green Lantern.  I have always loved the chemistry between the two of them.  What I liked about this comic is we get some plot for the bigger overall story of the Flash.  Who killed his mother??   I do miss some of the art that was in some of the earlier comics by the previous illustrator. I thought that art was genious.  Where the comic itself seemed like it was moving.  I'll continue on in the series for sure.  4 out of 5


This counts for 48 comics towards my 2015 Graphic Novels Challenge!!

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