Sunday, October 18, 2015

Goosebumps - Movie Review

Those that follow the blog may have noticed that there haven't been a lot of movie reviews on the blog this summer.  I did see the new Mission Impossible and The Martian but didn't review those.  I hadn't actually planned on seeing Goosebumps this weekend (eventually I would've) but a friend wanted to go so I went.   I am glad I did.  I didn't read Goosebumps when I was younger. They were actually written when I started high school so I missed the train.  I did read Fear Street a lot and loved those so I do enjoy a good RL Stine book. I still have my whole Fear Street collection of books!

The movie is kind of meant for a younger crowd so be prepared for that if you to see it.  The movie is about the author of the real life book series Goosebumps, RL Stine, and how all the characters he has written about come alive whenever a book is opened.  There is an abominable snowman, ceramic gnomes, werewolves... all kinds of creatures.  The CGI of these are amazing.  A young boy and his mom move to a new town and become neighbors of a girl and her creepy father.  Who warns them to stay away from his house or bad things will happen. Of course the boy ends up getting into this trouble and all hell breaks lose.  One character in the movie nerdy Champ (Ryan Lee) is so hilarious.  Honestly.. usually Jack Black takes the cake for me but this time around Ryan Lee made me laugh soooo hard. 
We did see it in 3D... only because that was the next showing.  Usually we skip 3D these days because of the cost.  It was good in 3D though... monsters and such jump out of the screen at you.  I am not sure if this is too scary for kids or what?  I suppose if you haven't really introduced your kids to horror themes then you may not want to take your young one to this.  The movie did inspire me to buy my little cousin who is 7 some Goosebumps books for Christmas.  I think it's time she was introduced to RL Stine!


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