Blog Help

I have no idea what I am doing... but have learned many things from others on how to make your blog better.  These are the links to their blogs and articles that really helped me.  I take NO credit for the links that follow:

Can I use that picture in my blog post????
How to add header to your twitter
Putting images side by side without spaces
Color boxes for your text!
Social Icons - I remember when I started my blog I looked everywhere for this!
Easy way for people using Blogger to follow blogs on Wordpress
how to copy twitter conversations 
Embed a tweet into your posts
How to put a picture next to your URL (Favicon)
Display blog buttons in blog roll 
Download fun fonts
Put blogging on your resume 
Getting the most out of Twitter
Mouseover Effect
How to make a 3D bookcover 
How to make a watermark on your pictures
Change color of highlighted text
Good advice on how to get an ARC
Banners for Book Covers in Photoshop
Easy way to transfer from Blogger to Wordpress
Videos to move from blogger to wordpress
How to get drop down menus in Blogger
Websites for blog design
How to back up a Blogger Blog
Reading Challenge Progress Bar How to
How to make fun graphics for your blog!
New Backgrounds for your Blog

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  1. I am bookmarking this page - how helpful!

  2. Thanks for the shout out! I'm hoping to have some new Fun Stuff up soon. :)