Thursday, June 16, 2011

Follow Me Friday (#8)

It's time for the weekly book blogger hops again! A great opportunity to meet new bloggers and say hi to old.

Crazy For Books' Book Blogger Hop
Question this week:  How many books are on my TBR pile?  WOW!  too many to count!

Book Blogger Hop

Parajunkee's Follow My Book Blog Friday.

Q. Genre Wars! What's your favorite genre and which book in that genre made it your favorite?

Well I really love fantasy and I have to say Lord of the Rings is what caused me to love that genre. I read that series right after 8th grade and just loved it.  Over the years I tend to read anything but fantasy has always been my love!! 



  1. I love fantasy too, though I sometimes forget until I read yet another good fantasy book. LOTR is definitely a favorite. Love the spinning ring!

    ~Shalena @ Writer Quirk

  2. allready a follower jus thoppin thru,,hope you have a great weekend..

  3. Hi! new follower here :) i love LOTR, both books and movies! Have you read The Chronicles of Prydain series by Lloyd Alexander? It's great read, too!

  4. Hi & Happy Friday!

    A great choice, I have only seen the LOTR movies..

    My FF,

    Have a nice weekend.

  5. Just stopping by to share some Friday blog love. Great choice of genre! Come and join Read My Review on my blog which currently has a Outdoors theme. Hope you have a great weekend!
    Tasha @ A Trillian Books xxx

  6. Hi,

    Hopping by from the follow friday.

    Have a wonderfull weekend!
    Kyanara from the Life of a BookAholic

  7. I too love LOTR. New follower!

  8. That's cool! Never read the books. I like some fantasy, but some of that was a little too intense for my liking! Although I'm glad to see another specific answer! A lot of bloggers can't decide or remember what their one book was!

    But I have a book picked out!

    Here's my Friday Hops

    Have a GREAT weekend!

    Old Follower :D

  9. making my follow friday visits. Love lord of the rings movie have not read the books and don't know it i could. check me out at.

  10. Well, I guess I have to be honest and say I've never read the LOTR books >.< I tried, honest, but I just got confused in the first pgs. Loved the movies, though! And the story...pure awesomeness!! Hope you have a great Friday :)
    Ninja Girl

  11. Love the spinning ring and I LOVED the Lord of the Rings, great choice!

    Old follower hopping thru:) Jen @ A Reader's Journey

    Happy Friday!

  12. Following everyone back... except some people on wordpress. Sometimes I can't figure out how to follow those blogs!

  13. Hey stopping by from follow friday, great choices & great blog! Looking forward to more posts. Have a great weekend. New follower!

    Darcy @ Open Book Empty Cup

  14. Hey stopping by from follow friday, great choices & great blog! Looking forward to more posts. Have a great weekend. New follower!

    Darcy @ Open Book Empty Cup

  15. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm already following you. I LOVE FANTASY. I just got to read LoTR recently, and loved it.

  16. When did I first realize I loved reading? I wish I could prove a pre-natal predilection towards books but my memories don’t stretch back quite that far.

    The earliest memories I can recall involved books. First having them read to me then reading them on my own the minute I had the ability.

    Books have been a major part of my life ever since. My passion for the written word knowing no bounds, I started writing books on top of reading them about ten years ago.

    Want to know what my favorite childhood book was? Hop on over to my blog and find out:

    Howard Sherman, Implementor