Sunday, August 23, 2015

Reading on Vacation is Hard Work

Reading on vacation is one of my favorite things to do. I recently too an amazing trip to San Fransisco.  It was super fun.  Funny thing is before I left I went through the dilemma that most of us readers go through.. figuring out what books to take on the trip. And... those of you who have been on a road trip know it's even harder because you feel like you really can pack ALL the books... even hardbacks into the car with you.  So this trip I lined up all my books ... probably like 8 comics, 2 novels.   I knew I was going to get through all these books.  I mean... the drive was about 40 hours round trip.

I did end up leaving the comic books at home.  They aren't the paper ones that you pick up in the comic book store they are volumes so they collect all the issues and are in hardback.  So I thought.. well I won't drag those along.  I jump in the car with books in hand thinking I am going to read these great books... then... 5 am starts and sleeping comes.  I sleep all the way till 10 am and then basically it's my turn to drive (split the days to about 10 hour days).  Don't worry I have high hopes for the next day!

Day 2 of driving starts up... sleeping again till 10 am.  Next thing I know my turn to drive.  There's that book waiting for me.  Off to the hotel and straight to sleep.  San Fransisco has so much to do so every day we hit the streets and went non-stop.  So by the time we get back to our hotel room I am straight to sleep.  That book is still sitting there.  So of course I plan on reading it on the trip back home right???  Umm.. yeah, sleep till 10... then drive.  Those books never were touched. 

Every time I go on vacation I get so excited to get lots of reading done. But in the end... I end up spending time... well on vacation! I have no regrets and picked out the books for the trip is just as fun as being on the trip and not actually reading those books.  Till next summer vacation when I go through the same routine.

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