Tuesday, May 31, 2016

X-Men Apocalypse - Movie Review

Well...  I almost didn't do a review on this movie and then thought it needs to be out there.  I really enjoyed the last two X-Men in the current series.  Stories were on point.  Then Apocalypse comes out.  I remember when the previews first came out and we got a glimpse of Apocalypse... boy was his look awful. It's no fun to stare at it through the whole movie either.  The really should've done away with those side cords.

Anyways... I didn't really hear a lot of hype about this movie.  In fact, I saw a commercial the day before release with all those quotes from people who loved the movie and those commercials are usually bad news.  That means... the movie studio are really trying to prove that the movie is good and I knew then that was not good. But of course I went because the other two were good.  There was just way too much going on in this movie.  They tried to go big ... too big.

The characters weren't really developed in this movie.  The villains hardly had any speaking lines (other then Magneto and Apocalypse).  Storm, Jubliee, and Angel and just blah characters that should've shined in this film. Then they brought back Dr Moira MacTaggert for no reason.  Just another character added in to the many of the film.  A character that did work was Quick Silver.  He was hilarious and brought some much needed relief to the film.  There is also a good scene with Jean Grey during a fight scene that was really well done.

I love this guy!

The plot started out kind of good.  The film starts in Ancient Egypt with some pretty powerful mutants.  Neat.  Progress to today where we get to see the school at work and an introduction to some of our favorite X-Men.  Next thing I know just lots of things start happening. We lose what makes the most important X-Men story line which is mutants vs non-mutants.  Instead we get a cheesy battle with a villain who wants to rule the world.  A story line done too many times.

This could be a spoiler though most of you probably know this character was going to make an appearance in the film. Skip this paragraph if you don't want to know about the cameo.
Wolverine appears in the film.  I liked it and didn't like it.  Wolverine appears in a place where a previous film was... what bothers me though is that the characters in the previous film acted like they had never been to or seen the location.  Continuity people!!  I need it!

The end credit scene isn't worth waiting for.  It's does progress the story and only confuses people who aren't familiar with comics. Just go home and google is and don't wait around.

This movie gets a C

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