Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Captain America: Civil War- Movie Review

I am not sure why I didn't write a review for Captain America Civil War earlier??  I know all of you were anxiously waiting for it.  :)  Honestly this movie was fantastic. The movie can be confusing... is it a Captain America movie?  Is it an Avengers movie??  I mean.. it might as well be both.  But it's considered a Captain America movie.  When I found out that this movie was coming out of course I had to run out and get the Civil War comic  (2006-2007 series) and discovered what a great story it is.  Basically it's about superhero vs superhero in their views of how they are policed.  "Who watches the Watchmen"? Some superheros believe that they need to be monitored and told when to go out and help the public.  Others believe that they shouldn't be... like Captain America who is reminded of the Nazis.

The story telling here is strong. So is character development. Despite there being many characters in this film, they all get the perfect amount of screen time.  The long awaited arrival of Spider-Man doesn't disappoint.  Plus Black Panther has a great introduction. So great that I can't wait to see his stand alone film. To see the superheros relate and act with each other when at odds is acted so well by the actors. You see different types of friendships challenged.  There is a huge fight scene that is quite memorable. Hero VS Hero which is one thing geeks always debate about.  Blank VS Black who will win.  Marvel does a good job of cutting fat too. Hulk and Thor are no where to be found.  Honestly lately I can't stand Thor so I'm glad about that. The next Thor movie needs to be excellent.

Let's talk for a moment about that helicopter scene in the film.  Steve Rogers literally bench presses a helicopter.  OK... He grabs onto it and holds it in place.  The muscles on this guy....

Um... ok back to the movie. All superhero movies need to live up to this film. Comedy, action, character and plot development. The movie brings together new and familiar to the fans.
It's fun to decide if you are Team Captain or Team Iron Man.  It was perfectly filmed to be watched in IMAX.  If you haven't seen the film make time for it.

This film gets an A+

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