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Pokemon Go Book Tag

Pokemon Go Book Tag

I really like Pokemon Go, so when I saw Aentee's book tag, I had to participate!  I am so excited about this.  I haven't done a book tag before, honestly because they never interested me.  But I've been playing Pokemon Go (though I have slowed down to be honest) and thought this would be a lot of fun to do. I was never interested in Pokemon before this game came out.  I haven't even watched a full episode of the cartoon.  But I do love gaming.  So... I followed the crowd and downloaded this app.  Enjoy! 

The Game:  The character I picked at the beginning of starting the game was an accident.  I downloaded the app and started playing and didn't realize I had even picked a character. Squirtle was my first character. 

The Book: Thinking back to the book that started me on reading, well there isn't just one.  I loved reading in middle school and Fear Street was my go to series.  Then in high school I stopped reading and in college I read Salem's Lot and fell in love with reading again. 

The Game: I thought Pikachu was really hard to get then when I went to certain places in town I discovered that he's in a lot of places. Though I still don't have enough to evolve him yet. Plus I love how he says his name!  It's so cute. 

The Book: A classic??  For me it would be Dracula by Bram Stoker.  I really love that book. It's classic horror. Plus some of the illustrated editions out there are great.  I remember when I first read the book I went up to the library and found it there.  That was before I used the holds option and would just go up to the library and browse around. 

The Game: Ughhh the Zubat.  Those dumb things are everywhere and I waste sooo many balls trying to catch them. Just awful.  Errrr... I really don't think the powerful ones are much better either. 

The Book: I did lose interest in Twilight.  I'll be honest.  I really liked Twilight when I read it.  Then it became a movie and it became this and that.  Then the author wouldn't publish the book from Edward's point of view.  I think it just all turned me off. 

The Game: I want this guy!  I didn't even know Ditto exists. Is it a evolved Pokemon??  Who is this guy??

The Book: Humm.. this is a tough one.  

The Game:  I think people are getting Snorlax from the eggs you walk around to hatch.  I haven't found one of him anywhere.  But I do know people who found him in the 10 K eggs (I have yet to get a 10 K egg). 

The Book: A large series?  Well... Wheel of Time seems like a large series.  Terry Brooks books seem long to me too. There are just some fantasy series out there that go on and on.  
The Game: What!  Who is this Gengar??  I need him.  I am falling behind on finding some of these hard to get Pokemon. 

The Book: I think recently Winter by Marrisa Meyer kept me up reading.  I wasn't scared kept up... just couldn't stop reading type of kept up late into the night. I mean... when you realize you are only 100 pages to the end of the book how can you just stop reading???
The Game:  I love these guys.  I have no idea about Pokemon lore though.  Are they like a male and female couple??  I don't have mine evolved to this yet though. In fact, I am not even halfway there. I have about 25 candies for each of these guys. 

The Book: One true pairing is what OTP is.  Yeah I had to google it.  I'm not a romance reader so I had no idea.  Well.... I'll pick a couple from comic books.  Superman and Wonder Woman.  Mainly because my husband is Superman and I'm Wonder Woman and we are a perfect match. 

The Game: Yes Rapidash!  I only have one so far but this is almost my favorite Pokemon (other then Mew).  He's just so sparkly. 

The Book:   Fast paced read?  I think the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich is fast.  I could really sit here for about 4 hours and read those books start to finish.  It's nice though sometimes to go from a long series novel to a silly detective story. 

The Game: Eevee!  So cute.  I was able to collect these pretty fast and I have all three evolved forms.  Someone told me you had to do a trick to get each type (fire, water, electricity) but when I evolved each I just automatically got all three types.  Not sure if that is normal or not.   The trick is you are supposed to name them something to do with their element.. google it.  Not sure if that's true. 

The Book: Never get tired of spinoffs?  That's tough because most series run their course.  I am probably copying most comments but Harry Potter is always fun to read.  I read the Cursed Child and enjoyed it.  I also loved the newest book in the Dark Tower series by Stephen King so I am hoping he has more stories buried in his mind for that world. 

The Game: Ughhh!  I think maybe one time I got something cool.  I think it was a star fish.  I live in a land locked state so we don't get a lot of water types here. I still haven't had a 10 k egg yet either.  I would like one of those. 

The Book: I don't really like debut novels.  I typically stick to authors I know who already have books out.  So... this one I really can't answer with a great book. 
The Game: I used up my lures pretty fast.  I didn't realize how hard they were to obtain without putting money into the game (I refuse). Soooo now I just go to super busy places and use the lures that someone else has thrown out. Is that cheating???  

The Authors: I don't buy any books hardly ever.   They all come from the library.  But my pretty much only auto-buy author is Stephen King.  I will buy his books!!  I would love to own all his books someday. 

The Game: I don't know much about these birds. Where to get them?  Do they evolve?  I mean... I'm just trying to catch all the basic Pokemon. 

The Book: I think Marissa Meyer's new book Heartless about the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland might be overhyped.  But I can't wait.  It's supposed to be a standalone book too, not a series.  We'll see.  I'm sure if it's successful there will be a series come from it. 

The Game: The servers are getting better.  A lot of people have stopped playing the game now that the hype has died down.  I even saw an article today talking about how many people have stopped playing it.  It's in the millions. Of course there's been tons of updates since the game's release so I am sure that has helped too. 
The Book:  Game of Thrones... need I say more?

The Game:  I have only found ONE Magikarp.  ONE PEOPLE!  It was in a random place too.  You need soooo many candy to evolve this guy and it may never happen in my lifetime. 

The Book: Miss Peregrine's Home for Pecular Children by Ransom Riggs really impressed me.  I was interested in it for the creepiness but had no idea just how cool the story was going to be.  I only hope the film lives up to the book.  I've seen a lot of movies based off YA books just flop on the screen (5th Wave was terrible).   

The Game: I think I heard these don't actually exist in the game.  But Mewtwo has always been my favorite Pokemon.  I never was into Pokemon but when it was popular years ago I was working at Blockbuster video and learned about Mewtwo.  So cute! 

The Book: There are so many collector's editions.  I do want to own all the Dan Brown books in the editions that include all the pictures so I know what pieces of art and locations look like.  Those collector editions are reasonably priced and books I can afford. 

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