Sunday, January 29, 2012

Library Sale= Bummer!!!

Well, today I attempted to go to my first library sale.  It was a 3 day sale... first day was for members, second day was for everyone, but the 3rd day was a $5 brown bag sale.  Everything you want in a bag for only $5.  I chose this day because some friends were supposed to go with me, but they didn't end up going. 

WOW!  If you look at the picture above you can see just how crowded it was!  I didn't expect this.  People had bags stacked on the walls full of books.  One person had a cart of like 10 bags.  I will not be trying to go on the $5 bag sale next time that is for sure.  I only picked that day for my friends but now I know better.  I didn't see any young adult books which is what I was going for.  I wanted to get some to support the library and then have a giveaway.  Also... turns out it was cash only which I didn't have any (plus I should've known that).  I am also going to look into becoming a "friend" of the library and see what the membership is all about.

Next time I will be better prepared.  I WILL have cash, I WILL go on Saturday, and I WILL not leave empty handed!  They seem to take place every 3 months so the next one will be a Spring sale and I will have another post! 


  1. Sorry your sale experience was kinda a bust.... our library's book sales are always crazy on the first day when it opens, and on the last day. I haven't gone the last couple of times (I might try the next one, though).

    1. I was a library sale virgin BUT next time I will succeed! :)