Friday, January 27, 2012

One For the Money-Movie Review

I love the book series about Stephanie Plum by Janet Evanovich. So when the movie finally got made I was so excited... especially since it kept getting put off.  I really enjoyed it.  Sucked I had to go and enjoy it by myself but at least since I went opening day I got to share the experience with others in the theater who had most likely also read the books and thought the inside jokes were funny.  I don't know how popular this book will be with people who haven't read the series.  The movie was screened to critics which usually always means it's a stinker.  And let's be real, this is not an Oscar nominated movie.

I keep looking up reviews on the movie and they are all bad.  But perhaps they should know that the books are serious literature either.  I say if you read the books.. go see it.  If you didn't read the books maybe you should pass. 

Ranger and Stephanie

Morelli and the "cupcake" 


  1. How was Katherine Heigl as Stephanie? I don't really like her at all, so I'm a little skeptical to her in this movie..

  2. I don't really like her either. But she was pretty good in this movie... the only think I had a problem with was how she dressed. I thought her character in the movie dressed way nicer then Stephanie is supposed to dress in the book.