Thursday, February 7, 2013

How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You by the Oatmeal-Review

I love going to the oatmeal website.  It never fails to put a smile on my face.  If you have not discovered this AMAZING comics website go there! There is even going to be an article on webcomics including the oatmeal in the Feb 11th issue of Time magazine.  Which of course I will be picked up to check out what they have to say.  Here is a great comic by the oatmeal to help you get introduced to them if you haven't discovered them yet: When your house is burning down you should brush your teeth .  And yes .. that is totally the name of the comic.  That comic is not only funny but touching.  I love it.

Anyways... back to the book.  I liked the book... it had some really funny parts to it.  And some that weren't so funny to me. Like there are two cats that work in an office that are an on going theme for the website, I just don't care for them.  But everything else.. hilarious!!  Really I recommend this book to all who want a fun time.. and those who love or hate cats.  My blog layout is so small... so I hope you can read this little comic below.... without a magnifying glass!!

Also this is a picture I have seen going around the web... I love it... I really think it's clever.  So clever in fact that I am about to try to take this same picture with my cats right now... let's see how successful I am... here we go! 

hummm This is about all I could get out of Merry...

And Pippin kinda tried... he gave me the one stank eye

And then this is all I could get from him after that...

Off to go see what's new on!

Is your cat out of control??? ? ?? ?   Then you need Cat Daddy... check out my review for the book by Jackson Galaxy who hosts the show My Cat From Hell!


  1. This book is absolutely hysterical! A friend got it for me when she saw my cats lined up on the porch waiting for me one day. They looked mad I took so long to get home. lolz. They no longer go outside, but the image of the 3 mad cats never left her.
    I love the pics you took too. My fave is the one of Pippins one stank eye..lolz..
    Are your kitties related? They look so much alike!

    I am trying so hard to get this feral cat (all white cat w/2 grey splotches on top of his head, one by each ear. Like someone splashed his head with paint. Odd markings.) we call Ghost Kitty's Son. He's a 2nd generation Ghost Kitty. His Dad, Ghost Kitty #1: the Original looked exactly like him, and GK2 has a son who is a baby that looks exactly like both of them. Sadly I haven't seen Dad (GK1) or baby (GK3) in a while now :(

    Thank you for the great post and for listening to my cat tales..lolz..

    1. I just love love love your cats tales. I recently had to take a cat to the humane society. I didn't want to because I know typically an adult cat only lives 3 days there. But winter was coming and it was freezing out and the neighbor who said they were taking care of him weren't. Well weather got worse and worse and colder and colder. So honestly I am glad I took the little guy.

  2. I've been wanting to read this book but I'm not sure about it because... well, I don't love cats! but I figure it is funny.

    1. There is a new one about dogs that I've been waiting to get from the library.