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Fruit Ninja Kinect-Video Game Review

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Confession:  I don't love the Kinect. Or I should say, I don't love the games for the Kinect.  I have played quite a few and they were all just eh.  But Fruit Ninja for Kinect is super fun.  I played it at a friend's house a few years ago and couldn't believe how much fun I had.  You stand in front of the TV and just chop away.  For those of you who don't know what Fruit Ninja is .. it's a game where fruit flies up on the screen and you chop it (You can play it free on your phone).  Bombs will fly up and you have to chop around those.   

 You are able to see your shadow up on screen so you know if the Kinect has sensed you.  I was able to even play recently with my 5 year old cousin.  She had a blast too.  What makes it neat is that there is a two player mode.  You can either play together (which I did with my cousin) or you can play against each other.  Which gets super competitive ... you can only hit your color but then every now and then a white fruit will come across the screen and either person can get it so you can chop each other.  

As you get more points you can get new backgrounds and new blades to use (see lightning above).  This makes beating your last high score fun.  At the end of single player mode (just like in the app) you can chop a pomegranate super fast.  I have seen people get 50 points on it!

If you have the Kinect this game is worth it and will make your Kinect fun.  If you don't have a Kinect.... well don't buy one.  HA!  My friend took this picture when I was playing the game:

10 out of 10



  1. My niece loves this game..need to check this out for her!

    1. It is pretty fun on the Kinect.. and you get a work out!

  2. I love this game! I only play it on my phone though, but I've seen the bigger versions in arcades and sometimes I play it. (Only when no one is around cause it's surprisingly embarrassing to be frantically slashing at a big screen. :D) I think this would be great though because I can play in the privacy of my own home. I don't have a kinect though... it might be a good buy for me so I can get some form of exercise in! I'll have to think about it, but it was great to read your review of the game and see the picture of you playing!

    1. It is fun... my husband and I were pushing each other in the picture above even though that is cheating!!


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