Monday, October 22, 2012

Dear Teen Me

I have been checking out the feature over @Lost in the Library and have really enjoyed reading the different people who have stopped by and written a letter to their teen selves.  I also decided to join in...  today you can stop on by there and see my note: Dear Teen Me.

I am also going to post it here:
Dear Teen Me:

Hello… I remember you.  Sometimes doing things you didn't want to do to fit in.  Yea you!  There's a few things that I think you should know though I know you won't listen.

You know your body?  The one that is skinny.. so skinny you won't even wear shorts.  Wear those damn shorts.  In less then 10 years you will be the only one out of your high school friends who hasn't gained 30 lbs.  You will still be the same weight as in high school and you will love it.  So embrace it now.  And those bad boys you keep dating.. YUCK!  Though you know what?  Go ahead and date them so you know who not to date and who to marry.  But don't just have sex with just anyone!! 

 Also… that 40 hours a week you are putting in at McDonalds like they need you?  Please Mcdonalds will run just fine without you… trust me they will still be there 20 -50 years later!!  So tell them 40 hours is way too much.. 20 hours a week will be just fine.  Plus $4.25 an hour is NOTHING!   Don't feel lonely.. learn how to be friends with yourself.  Eventually you will be your own best friend.  Be KIND.  Be respectful to mom and dad.  You are constantly battling with them and someday you will realize they really are the best parents out of all your friends.  The time they made you take back the Christmas lights you stole?  Yea… first off that was a terrible thing to do, and second mom and dad were trying to make you a better person.  

Love yourself, and LOVE life.  Just because in high school you aren't the cheerleader or one of the preppy people it will be just fine.   I am so proud of who you turn out to be. 

Your best friend,

I am not the best writer but there it is! What would you say to yourself?

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