Sunday, October 14, 2012

Locke and Key Volume 4 Keys to the Kingdom by Joe Hill-Review

This is one of my all time favorite graphic novel series.  These comics are what I have been looking for in graphic novels!  Here is the goodreads description:

Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez's Locke & Key unwinds into itsfourth volume in Keys to the Kingdom With more keys making themselvesknown, and the depths of the Locke's family's mystery ever-expanding, Dodge'sdesperation to end his shadowy quest drives the habitants of Keyhouse evercloser to a revealing conclusion.

OK another amazing arc in the Locke and Key series. I just love that we are discovering more and more keys. Though... sometimes I get a little confused so I have to check the back of the book to remember what keys do. Though this time around I noticed some keys aren't featured in the back and I am not sure why. Like my favorite key is the one with the red mask on it, and I don't see it in the key index in the back of the book! I looked for an image of it on the web too and this is the only one I found (without taking a picture of my book)... it is on the bottom third one on the left. 

 The art in this issue is interesting... I like how Rodriguez switches up his art work and even give homage to Calvin and Hobbes. The ending of this volume is an amazing cliff hanger... at least I have volume 5 in my hands.  But after that one who knows when I will get to read volume 6.  I have found no real information on the internet about it.  Though Joe Hill did tweet me back when I asked him how many volumes lock and key will have!  

So that is way cool... well that he answered me not that there will be only 6 volumes.  I wish there was going to be more!!!

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Crystal Balls says:


  1. I had not even heard of this series before! I will have to go look into it. You have me all intrigued now;) I love it when authors care enough to reply!!! I think it makes me love their books more.

    1. I agree... when authors actually take the time to communicate with their fans it makes the experience of reading soooo much more fun!

  2. Nice review! Not a huge graphic novel fan, but will have to check this series out! And very cool that Joe answered your tweet!

    1. This is actually a really good series!!!!

  3. Oh my gosh! Always looking for new graphic novels to try out! *heads to Amazon to shop*