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Locke and Key Vol 6- Alpha and Omega by Joe Hill - Graphic Novel review

Thursday, December 19, 2013
I love love the Locke and Key graphic novel series by Joel Hill. I received this ARC for free from Netgalley for an honest review.  Thank you Netgalley!!  First off I had issues getting this thing to download from Netgalley.  I tried to contact them and Joe Hill .. neither answered me.  I finally asked a fellow blogger Brunner's Bookshelf if he was able to download it and he told me yes.  So then I realized it was on my end and not Netgalley's.  If Netgalley had answered me and told me the file was fine I probably would've figured it out sooner but hey, guess they're busy.  Anywho... ended up that my Adobe Digital Editions was 1.0 and needed to be updated to 2.0.  So ... I was able to enjoy the book afterall!  Here is the goodreads description:

The shadows have never been darker and the end has never been closer. Turn the key and open the last door; it's time to say goodbye. The final arc of New York Times bestselling Locke & Key comes to a thundrous and compelling conclusion. An event not to be missed! Collects Omega #1-5 and Alpha #1-2. 

That was the shortest goodreads description ever!HA!  At first I was a little confused as to what was going on.  Since it was an ARC there was no cover and it was reading a little confusing so I wasn't sure if the comic was missing some pages.  Eventually I caught on to what was going on...but it was still confusing.  Also... I had a really hard time reading some of the print in the ARC.  There were times when a ghost would talk, which was in blue print and it was sooo blurry. I would guess that the print book and a purchased ebook would fix this problem.  I had to actually skip these sections because I got tired of trying to make out what the words said.

Otherwise this was a good ending to an epic series. I thought that it was wrapped up pretty well.  I really didn't want this series to end I love it so much.  I wanted more keys to be made.. more ghost stories to come from the house.  After reading vol. 6 though I am glad it was wrapped up. The artwork by Gabriel Rodriguez is still very very good in this volume.  I hope to see him in more graphic novels in the future.  Maybe even another collaboration with Joe Hill.

The story is just the perfect amount of spookiness. I don't want to give too much away in this review because everyone should read this for themselves. The end of the series is wrapped up in a little bow. What I mean by that is yes there is murder and mayhem, but there is also a good ending that satisfies the reader. For those of you who have not read this series I am jealous of you! To have all the graphic novels out at once and be able to not have to wait for the next issue is pretty cool.

I think this series is genius.. I suppose I should be talking about this particular volume but it's hard to just not think of Locke and Key as a whole entity instead of volumes.  Also.. for those who haven't looked at my other reviews don't forget to check out the keys from the novels that you can actually purchase!Here is the Alpha Key from this volume:

There is a little homage to Stephen King (Joe Hill's father) in this book where the characters go to their prom and go on stage and get some blood dumped on them.  I love this little Easter Egg!
I will miss this series.  So glad I got the ARC because I couldn't wait any longer and am a little too lazy to go up to the comic book store and buy all the issues, so it's fabulous once they are collected into a graphic novel!!  If you click on the link below for Volume 1 .. I posted a trailer for a TV series that was going to be based on these books.  It looked pretty good.

The crystal ball says:

Sun is shinning!!!  Great day to go outside and read this book.

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  1. I have problems reading comic ARC on NetGalley too. I usually have to zoom in a lot to read the text but sometimes that still doesn't help.

    1. I know!!... I am getting older though... maybe I need glasses??? :)

  2. OMG that blue text is awful. I don't see how you actually got that read. Thank goodness for blogger buddy help, right? Sorry to hear that NetGalley didn't contact you back about your problems.

    The volume looks really good despite the problems you had with it though. The artwork from what you've shown looks so great. I really love the idea of the keys to go along with the volumes as well. Thank you so much for sharing! Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven.

    1. The blue words drove me nuts. I had to just straight skip that line of text. I am not sure why it did that?? Maybe just the color was an issue on digital. Nothing else in the comic was too hard to read. The art is pretty amazing. I hope to see Rodriguez' art in the future. I don't know why Netgalley didn't answer me back. Hope I don't get banned from future ARCs for complaining but come on! I know they answer people because I see them doing it in their twitter feed. Even if the file was working they should've let me know so I could find the problem on my end. Dealing with companies sucks sometimes.

  3. Great review Angie. I'm really looking forward to reading my copy. I'm so glad that the ending was a satisfying one. I was so worried that wouldn't be the case.

    Thank you so much for mentioning my blog. I'm going to get back into blogging again and I always appreciate the mention.

    1. I did look at your blog tonight... I am hoping to see more comic reviews!!!! I have been getting sooo many from the library lately I can't keep up!

    2. I'm getting them ready soon. I have Joe Hill's Thumbprint to review as well as Doctor Sleep and Insurgent. I'm so happy to get back to blogging. Now to write them.

  4. Man, I'd love to have some of those replica keys...

    Rodriguez has a new series -- not with Hill, alas -- coming in 2014. It's called "Little Nemo: Return to Slumberland." I don't know anything at all about Little Nemo, but I may pick this series up based purely on the strength of Rodriguez's art.

    1. Oh wow.. really! I love the art too and because of that would be willing to read about Little Nemo. I will always hope that Rodriguez and Hill team up again. That would be nice. I suppose they both need to move on with their own projects.

    2. Last I heard, they planned to work together again as often as possible. At one point, there was talk of them doing a limited series with one of the established superheroes at either Marvel or DC. Hill referred to that project a few times in interviews, but would never give more info than that.

      He's also said that at some point, he and Rodriguez want to do a Locke & Key miniseries set during WWII. He's said he feels there are plenty more stories to tell about Keyhouse.

      Bring 'em on, says I.

    3. I was looking around for more info on the the possible continuation of the series when I found information about a game based on the comics. Have you heard of this game or played it? My friends and I have a board game night every now and then and I think it's looks kind of fun.

    4. Heard of it, yes; played it, no. I still need to buy a copy.


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