Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Max Brooks Q&A and YOU ask the questions!

I have another great Question and Answer session coming up with author Max Brooks.   He is the author of the Stephen King Fans group's December book club pick World War Z.  He'll be stopping by the group after December 14th so your questions for Brooks must be in by then. Remember anytime I have a Q&A with an author YOU get to come by and join in so be sure to welcome him and get your questions in by then. You can talk about any of his books, the World War Z movie, zombies, writing.. whatever!  The book discussions about World War Z will be going on all month long in December so be sure to stop by the group and let us know what you think.

Questions and Answers with Max Brooks can be found here!  


  1. Curious I have seen the movie World War Z, but I had no idea of who had written it. i've enjoyed the movie, but as far as zombies are concerned I must say I prefer The Walking Dead.

    Rosa @ Bookish Findings

    1. The walking dead and World War Z are very very different. The World War Z book is so different from the movie you wouldn't even think they came from the same idea!