Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Favorite Fictional Character-Halloween Edition

Favorite Fictional Character is a meme started by Ryan at Wordsmithonia he started my Favorite Fictional Character posts out of love for some of the greatest characters ever dreamed up, some of which never get the recognition they deserve. They have all moved, inspired, taught, or in one way or another shaped his thought process and my taste. It's because of these characters that he loves to get lost in a good book, be enthralled by a movie or TV show, or be moved by a poem or song. They all mean something to him and from what he's seen he's not alone in that.

I visit Wordsmithsonia every Wednesday to see what fun new character pops up! My favorite time of year is Halloween!!  And Wordsmithsonia does a special for Halloween!!

This week I am going to feature A Disney Halloween!

 When I was a kid I would be so excited every year when Disney would show this.  This of course is back when you have to pay for Disney and it actually played movies.  From Wikipedia : 
A Disney Halloween was a 90-minute Halloween-themed television special that included portions from both Disney's Halloween Treat (1982) and Disney's Greatest Villains (1977) featuring classic short cartoons and excerpts of various villains from Disney feature films.

I have tried and tried to find this for purchase and you just can't get it, and it's never shown anymore.  You can only purchase a movie called Mikey's House of Villains which only shows a couple of the cartoons that were shown during A Disney Halloween. You can watch A Disney Halloween on youtube if you really want to check out what I am talking about.  Not as good as on TV but still fun!  I am pretty sure this has been pulled from circulation because it is scary.  And now-a-days no one wants their kids to be scared... I turned out OK I swear!

The original has several cartoons... the first is Night on Bald Mountain... I just LOVE this one.  We probably all know it because the villain of course is from Fantasia.  This one is about a demon summoning the spirits of the dead, which I am sure wouldn't be in Disney movies anymore. Which is why this scene is EPIC!!
Next cartoon is Wizard's Duel... which is from The Sorcerer's Stone (one of my ALL time favorite Disney movies).  It is when Madam Mim and Merlin duel and change into all kinds of creatures!
And then one really cool cartoon called The Old Mill.  You can see the cool video of this one here:

Really you should watch it... I have the song memorized!

Lonesome Ghosts is another one of my favorite cartoons from this show!! This one is totally worth your time to stop and watch to remind you just how fun Halloween is!

And here is the last video I will post... this one is great too...  Trick or Treat

Well I hope I just made your Halloween more fun! Be sure to come back next week to see what else I have in store for October!!! Do you have a favorite Halloween character?

Happy Halloween!


  1. I love all these cartoons. At first I didn't hink I was familiar with The Old Mill, but once I started to watch it, it all came back. What a wonderful post!

    1. I am going to watch the whole show on youtube this weekend!