Sunday, January 27, 2013

Facebook marks my blog as spam!

Has anyone else experienced this with facebook.. you try to post a link to your blog from blogger and you get this warning:

I have of course clicked the let us know button to let facebook know it's not spam.  But that's like talking to the wall. Anyone else experience this? 

UPDATE:  someone let me know that you can use tiny URL to allow your post to show up on facebook. Thanks for the advice!

UPDATE 2:  I tried Tiny URL and it did not work!  BOO!!


  1. I've heard of Blogger deleting blogs for being 'spammy' but this is new. Now I'm curious. And scared.

    1. I can't imagine why they would've marked it as spam. I have maybe posted it on facebook ... like 5 times ever. If that. And then of course they have never unblocked it.

  2. the same happened with my blog as well:
    (same happens with .blogspot.whatever) and i've been reporting this to facebook for about a week (along with my friends), but no reply or review has happened since.

    i've checked and don't have any suspicious on the blog (haven't changed anything on it for a while now) and only facebook blocks it.

    i don't know if you were also using "networked blogs", because that's the only thing which was automatically posting the new entries whenever i had any (lite 1-3 times a week) and it looks like bad news that yours is still blocked there after 2 months :(

    1. sigh yes.. it is still blocked. And no one from facebook has ever got back to me. Honestly facebook is so big I really didn't expect them to. It just sucks because I can't post anything from my blog on there now. And everyone recommended getting a facebook page for my blog but what would that matter if I am blocked. It just sucks!