Thursday, January 17, 2013

Follow Me Friday

This is the day of the week where we get to know each other better by answering a question devised by our lovely hostesses Parajunkee & Alisoncanread. We also gain new followers by joining each other's sites via GFC, so please let me know if you're a new follower. And now for this week's question....
Q.  Who is your favorite villain from a book?  
A.  Well... I really love the Crimson King in Stephen King's Dark Tower books.  He is spooky and is amazing.  From wikipedia: 
the Crimson King is the ultimate ruler of the Red, and the archetypal embodiment of evil in Stephen King's fictional multiverse. His goal is to topple the Dark Tower which serves as the lynchpin of time and space, destroying the multitude of universes which revolve around it so that he can rule in the primordial chaos which follows.  He is totally evil!!

Who did you pick?


  1. sounds like my kinda character :)
    old follower!
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  2. I only read the first book in that series. Clearly I need to keep reading! :D Old follower here. My FFs are at Musings on Fantasia and LKHill. Happy Friday!

    1. The first book is hard to get through... keep going!!

  3. Great choice!

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  4. Haven't read that yet, great answer though!

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  5. Hopping through. I've never read stephen king, hard to believe. Someday.
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  6. Nice! Never read that series, King's books are notoriously scary!

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    Have a GREAT weekend!

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  7. I haven't read Stephen King in years...and I didn't read his Dark Towers series. I will have to make a point to read it sometime.

    I'm a new GFC follower - AND I'm a Colorado Blogger too. I'd love to join the group and meet up with y'all sometime. Bookworm Brandee

  8. A good choice from Stephen King.

  9. I haven't read that series in forever, but Stephen King is such a master wordsmith.

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  10. I haven't read this one!!! But look at that graphic!!! It reminds me of that commercial for Ferrer Rocher, but those are skulls... lol

    I chose the Darkling from Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo.

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    1. Love Shadow and Bone!!! About to stop by and check it out!

  11. Sounds interesting! :)

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  12. Hi, from a new GFC follower.

    Good choice! :)