Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Bobbi Brown Beauty Books- Review

I am obsessed with make-up lately. Especially make-up for those of us who are maturing.. our skin is starting to show wrinkles and what not. I recently went to the library and checked out four Bobbi Brown make-up books. I know that she is one of the known beauty experts out there and even has her own line of make-up. I like that she looks natural and wants women to feel great and look great. I have started doing a morning and nightly routine on my face. The books I checked out are Bobbi Brown Living Beauty,   Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual,  Bobbi Brown Beauty Evolution, and Everything Eyes .

OK, so let's start with talking about  Bobbi Brown Living Beauty.  Out of these four books this was the one I found had the most helpful information. This particular book is about aging.  Seeing wrinkles, or skin changing color, and all that jazz. It talks about how we hardly see models over the age of thirty and to not compare ourselves to these women. I like how the book shows before and after pictures of women who have had procedures done and how they felt about that procedure.  The examples it shows are women who use retinoids, chemical peels, laser skin rejuvenation, laser resurfacing, spa facials (who knew there was a big difference between home peels and spa peels), botox and non-surgical facelifts.   These were really helpful to me.  I have been starting to use products now in the morning and night and this helped me find some great brands (by looking at the ingredients).
The book really explains about how to use make-up as well.  Especially for those dark circles under the eye.  This is huge for me because lately I just have dark circles under my eyes.  I mean dark!  I recently picked up some concealer for under the eye and what a difference it has made. I also learned in this book that as you get older baked blush looks better.  I bought some and seriously it is great. Also... any time you get your hair dyed have your stylist dye your brows too.  It should be free and they should automatically do it anyways.  The book does have a chapter on menopause so if you are younger and don't want to read about it then skip this book.  Though I think it has good tips on preventing early aging so it may still be a good read for you.  5 stars

Next up is the Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual.  I think this a great book for the make-up lover in your life... especially if that is you.  The book helps us learn about things like what all those make-up brushes are for. I didn't start using make-up brushes till a few years ago.  I was always using those little sticks that came in the eye shadow containers. The book tells us about expiration dates on all the different make-up we have.  I love that this book deals with different skin tones too so all women will find the book helpful. One thing I need to learn how to use is Bronzer. I just receive a free sample of one and want to try it out. 
There is a section on self-tanner in this book with a picture of a girl who is perfectly tan.  I kind of wish this wasn't included in the book because I feel all women should be happy with whatever color their skin is.  In 2013 I was diagnosed with Melanoma.  Luckily we caught it before it spread from my outer layer of skin and where able to remove it all. I now have constant biopsies though and it is no fun.  I did tan in my teens and wish I had just been happy in the skin I was in.  Please don't tan or worry about the color of your skin.  You are beautiful just the way you are. 5 stars

The next book I read is Bobbi Brown Beauty Evolution, .  This book has good tips... like always moisturize, sleep with a humidifier on (makes me realize I need a new one), and protect your eyes because they age the fastest. The book talks about hair removal and let's face it most women want this.  I am currently trying laser hair removal.  Now-a-days it's pretty affordable if you find a Groupon for it.  In my experience it's not too painful and I tell them to turn the laser up high.  I haven't been enough times yet to know whether or not it's going to work but I am really hoping it will.  Plus you have to go BEFORE your hair turns white and becomes whiskers or the laser won't work at all. The make-up part in this book is kind of a repeat of the make-up pointers in the other book so nothing new to learn there. There is a section that focuses on beauty and cancer and this section is a wonderful piece.  4 stars

I love to play with color on my face.  Whether it's lipstick, eye shadow, blush I just love it!  I get a lot of ideas from Pinterest.  So when I saw Everything Eyes   I was really excited! I have also been obsessed with shaping my brows lately. I bought some gel that comes like mascara that you put over the brows after you shape them and love it.  It really holds them in place.  I have always struggled with a good smokey eye.  ERRRRR!!!  I end up looking like I have two huge black eyes.  There are a few examples in this book that I am going to try out. Otherwise there was nothing new in the looks featured in this book. I was kind of disappointed in that.  Though if you wear glasses there are quite a few pages on looks for you.  I did find this book is more for young people too.  2 stars

Have you tried anything new lately for your beauty regimen??  I am also obsessed with doing my nails so expect a post on that soon! 


  1. I believe my sister has the Makeup Manual. Glad you enjoyed these! I'm starting to get more into makeup these days.


  2. Fun! I get so caught up in life that I forget about the beauty stuff and then I find myself noticing all the new wrinkles and think, man I need to do something about my skin care. Sigh!

  3. I am way into getting make-up that is higher quality then what I used to use. This is because as my skin gets older I feel that it needs a better product. What are you using on yours?

  4. LOL! Yes!! I keep seeing wrinkles even when my face is resting. That is when you know that is a permanent wrinkle! I wish I could sleep on my back then not get those wrinkles next to my eyes from smooshing my face. I keep trying and when I wake up I am already on my side.

  5. Lisa @ Captivated ReaderFebruary 5, 2015 at 6:05 PM

    Love the post!!! I need laser hair removal, but am a big chicken about doing it cause I'm afraid it'll hurt like crazy and I'm not getting any younger as my hair is turning gray. I know that laser hair removal won't work on gray hair... So, I better get over being a wuss about the hair laser removal, lol!

    Your review of Bobby Brown Living Beauty sounds like the book for me and the most helpful sounding. I'll have to check it out.

  6. I had never thought of getting a book about make-up. I love this idea! I want to read the Living Beaty book now :)

  7. Honestly.. laser hair removal doesn't hurt that much. They set the laser on a certain
    "number" lower being less painful. So when you start it out they put it on the lowest setting. Then you can say turn it up or turn it down if it hurts/doesn't hurt. I have mine cranked up though because I want it gone!! LOL. I kind of wish I had done it sooner because there are a bunch of white wiskers mixed in. Ughhh... I have 6 more sessions to go so we'll see what the results are.

  8. I love to get books on make-up, from the library of course. This is because I do think you read it once and there really is no point to read it again. Well maybe a young girl just starting to get into make-up might use it more and more as she goes through make-up phases.

  9. Ugh... that has been me lately. I look at my forehead and BAM winkles that are all of a sudden visible even when make-up is on. What I like about Bobbi Brown is that she wants all women to be natural. Not to be someone you are not. So the books are fabulous information. Especially Living Beauty! That book is really informative.

  10. I use covergirl for foundation...I was using some Mary Kay. I don't wear makeup on a regular basis, so I need to look int things more for makeup, etc.