Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Comic Adventures Issue #22

I read a lot of comics and rarely review them here on the blog. That's because I really don't have a lot to say for an entire post.  So I thought I would review several comics on one post.  I will still review graphic novels on their own now and then, but this is where I will talk about super-hero type comics (DC/Marvel) or sequels to some that I have already reviewed.

This issue I talk about Fables Vol. 19 Snow WhiteCatwoman Race of Thieves DC, Fables Vol. 20 Camelot, and Batman Vol 6 Graveyard Shift.

I am still sad that Fables is coming to an end.  In Volume 19 we get a wrap up on many characters and the story starts to lead to what will happen to these characters when the season ends.  One of the main characters of the series is killed off in this issue!  I don't even know why.  Ughh... I suppose someone big had to die again before the end of the series.  I did feel like this character's death was kind of... blah.  The death should've been epic and out of this world. The OZ chapters that have been happening in this series are off to me a little.  Like they don't fit in.  OZ is odd... so of course these story arcs are odd.  Just not my favorite but I think we are done with this part of the Fables stories now. 3 out of 5

 Yeesh! You can tell that Catwoman comics are not doing well when there are no other reviews on goodreads for it except mine! A new writer took over and so the comic is all over the place now. Half the time when comics have different story arcs through out I always wonder if there is a comic out there I missed that had the story ahead of this one. For example, there is a story in here about Catwoman's fall from the head of the crime family in Gotham. When did she even become in charge of it???? I wasn't even sure if there was going to be a vol. 6 but I googled it and apparently there will be one. I think I am done with the Catwoman comics now though which is really too bad. 2 out of 5

Typically I don't review two of the same comics in a blog post. But Fables vol 20 came into the library and I had to read it.  This comic really brings back what I love about Fables.  A very good story!!  The name of this comic is Camelot.  I was super excited when I read that name!  Though... it turns out the comic wasn't exactly about Camelot.  It was about Rose Red trying to bring together Fables who needed second chances.  These Fables would become the Knights of the Round Table.   I am not exactly sure where that story line is going for the final issue.  I just can't wait for that issue, though I am sad these comics are ending.  It is just crazy to me! I like that this issue allows us to re-visit with some characters we haven't seen mentioned in the comics for a while now.  I'll admit I skipped a short comic at the end.. all about music.  I guess I am kind of tired of these little spin off stories (like the OZ one in the previous volume).  I just want to read the main story line.  Check out the cover on this issue!  Great art work 5 out of 5

Finally let's chat about Batman Vol 6, Graveyard Shift.  I received this from Edelweiss and DC Comics in exchange for an honest review. So this issue follows up what is going on with Batman after Damien dies.  I didn't realize I hadn't read Vol 5 yet.. but I only have a few more days to read this on Edelweiss so I went ahead and read it.  Vol. 5 I have on hold at the library and it is more about Batman's past so I think it was OK to read this one without reading Vol. 5 first. I think Volume 6 is a collection of stories from other comics.  Including Batman Eternal.  I had stopped reading all the Batman comics, I just felt like there were too many going on.  So I am missing some of the story ARCs.  We did get a story with Clayfact, and one with Superman.  I liked the one with Superman because he is trying to help Batman deal with the death of Damien.  Also... we are introduced to a new Robin.. a SHE! She called herself Bluebird.  Which I liked.  4 out of 5. 

This counts for 16 comics towards my 2015 Graphic Novels Challenge!!


  1. Lisa @ Bookshelf FantasiesApril 29, 2015 at 3:06 PM

    SO sad about Fables coming to an end! I love that world so much. (But I agree, I could have done without the Oz storyline!)

  2. I love comics but not the actual novels. If that makes sense. There's just to many issues etc and there's no way I could keep up. I prefer just watching movies etc. I love the cartoons that used to be on of X-Men and Spiderman and Batman.

  3. Thanks for sharing! I do really want to read the Fables comics. I'm trying to get through a variety of series - I have about four issues of the Suicide Squad checked out and the first two Saga collections, so we'll see!


  4. I'm so curious about the Fables comics. I'm just worried I will disappointed, but I want to give them a shot.

    Sarah @ Vampire (and Other Paranormal Things) Queen

  5. Definitely some duds here, huh? I’m looking forward to seeing how you feel Fable winds up, though- I hope it sorts all the loose ends out and finishes in a way you feel happy with. Are you still reading the Saga comics? (You were, weren’t you?) What issue are you up to, there?

    Camelot has such a gorgeous cover- that’s really nicely done. It seems… well compared to the other three, it’s really distinct, almost novel-like, I think. And it was a favourite, so the insides matched the out with their grandness! Happy reading. Xx

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  7. I am sad about Fables being over too. And I heard the video game second part isn't going to be out for a long long time. Ughhh. I thought maybe I could continue the story there but I guess not.

  8. There are a lot of comics to keep up with. That is why I loved when DC came out with the New 52. It basically starts all the stories over again and that was great because I had no idea where to start reading at. That is really one of the reasons I haven't really got into the Marvel universe because I have no idea where to begin!!

  9. That is a lot of comics. I know how that feels though. I had to return two today that I hadn't had a chance to read yet. Such a bummer... so I put them back on hold right away.

  10. They are totally worth reading I think. Especially if you like Fairy Tales.

  11. I was able to recently put the final Fables on hold at the library. I still can't believe that those comics are going to be over!! I am still reading Saga. I am waiting for Volume 4 to come into the library (I do have it on hold).

    I was really impressed by the cover for Camelot too. Some of the artwork in the Fables comics are really quite amazing. I would even hang some of the pieces.