Saturday, April 25, 2015

Dewey 24 Hour Readathon

I am excited to be participating for the second time in Dewey's 24 Hour Read-a-thon.  This is going to be quite an adventure. There are all kinds of fun things happening today. .  I will update here all day so if you want to see how I am doing click on this blog post.  I just don't want to spam everyone all day... but who knows.. maybe I will??  Let me be honest... I slept in today.  I am more of a night owl so I would prefer to read late and sleep late.  I was supposed to start at 6 am!!  This time around I am also a cheerleader so I need to get started stopping by all your blogs and twitter accounts cheering you on.  I am team JO so be on the lookout.

Update 1:
Currently Reading

Currently Reading:  Dust Lands by Moria Young
Books Finished: None
Pages Read: 60
Amount of Time Spent Reading: 1 hour
Snacks: None yet
Where are you reading:  In my favorite recliner!

I will  be updating a lot on Twitter.  My Twitter handler is @Kingmod

So far participating in the opening meme:

 1) What fine part of the world are you reading from today?  In reading from Colorado!
2) Which book in your stack are you most looking forward to?  Honestly I am most looking forward to getting through a few of the ARC comics I have from Netgally. 
3) Which snack are you most looking forward to?  Cheetos Puffs.  Yum so Yum!
4) Tell us a little something about yourself!  My name is Angie.. I have been blogging here for almost five years now!!  I love it. This is actually my second time participating in this readathon.  Surprising.  I just never thought there would be any way that I could read for 24 hours.  We will see right? 
5) If you participated in the last read-a-thon, what’s one thing you’ll do different today? If this is your first read-a-thon, what are you most looking forward to?    I think I would like to meet a few more bloggers this time around going through the same thing.  I remember last time I was still reading at 1 am and a cheerleader stopped by and kept me going even thought I wanted to sleep.


  1. Spam away! Haha. I so want cheetos puffs now. I didn't get any snacks so whenever readers share what they're munching on I get incredibly hungry! Happy reading!

    -Abby #TeamSherlock

  2. You have the dearest header I've ever seen. Love it!

    Do spam please! Hope you are having fun. Clearly you have found your rhythm - a page a minute is a quick reading speed.

    Happy reading from #TeamSherlock!

  3. Good job cheering and reading! I can't do both (frankly, I can barely manage a full day of reading -- my last two attempts at readathon fizzled out within an hour or so!). Hope you're enjoying your reads so far -- spam away, as the others have said! #teamsherlock

  4. I have only participated as a cheerleader but I have so much fun while doing it. Plus, it allows for to peek at everyone's reading piles which just makes my TBR list grow that much more. I hope that you are having lots of fun. Keep up the great work and happy reading!


  5. Good luck! I'm not taking part because I would have had hardly any time to read this weekend. I hope you get a lot read/lots of cheerleading done though.


  6. You cheerleaders rock! Have fun and keep reading!

  7. I'm a night owl, too! And also in Colorado. w00t! Hope you had an awesome Readathon and got tons of reading done.

  8. I see you were a prize winner in one of the hours to congrats! Great Snacking choice also. I hope you had a productive reading day!

  9. Oh, this seems like such a fantastic idea. I'm not able to do it today, as this is my work day, but I have a free day tomorrow so I think I may have an impromptu 24 hour readathon. Though, you know, I'll be asleep by 10.45 no doubt! Awesome way of getting through all your stacked up books, though- I actually remember you posting about it last year, Angela!
    AND OH. You've been blogging for nearly five years? Me too! When's your blogversary? xx

  10. No snacks!! What!! I had a lot of fun yesterday though I didn't end up updating the blog all that much. I was a twitter cheerleaders and honestly I had more fun cheering people on then reading!!!

  11. I love this header too.. and am so bummer that my blog designer retired from designing. So sad! Especially since she was so affordable. So I'll probably keep this blog design forever

  12. I didn't try as hard to read this time around. I could've read much more... but there was a nap and church involved. I didn't end up spamming on the blog but I did spam everyone on twitter.

  13. OOOHHHh another Colorado Blogger! I tried to set up a Colorado Book Blogger group once but it didn't work out.. such a bummer.

  14. Oh, Raging Star! I haven't read Rebel Heart yet, but I loved Blood Red Road. Can't wait to see how many books you end up reading. ;)

    And wow--blogging for almost five years! That's fantastic! <3 (Plus you're another Cheetos lover!)

    Aimee @ Deadly Darlings

  15. I did look.. thanks for telling me that I was a winner. There really weren't any books left that I was interested in so I didn't claim my prize.

  16. Thanks for stopping by. I did try to read that book that I have listed above but I couldn't remember anything from the first two books. Like NOTHING. So I didn't end up reading that one after all.

  17. I always forget when my blogoversary is. I don't know why... I just can't keep that date on my mind. I think it's because technically when I first started blogging it was going to be a personal blog and then I totally changed that because I wasn't having fun with it.

  18. I need to probably re-read those first two books. I just couldn't remember anything for Raging Star. I was too confused.