Monday, February 22, 2016

Deadpool- Movie Review

For those that follow this blog.. you know I love comics.  So of course I had to go and see this movie. It was AMAZING.  Deadpool comics are ... well not for everyone. He is not a superhero.  This movie is rated R.  Let me go off on a quick rant here.  I was so tired of seeing on social media everyone saying... "This movie is great, but not for kids."  I even saw one person ask a friend on their instagram "I keep seeing everywhere people saying not for kids but I was just wondering why?"  HELLO... rated R.  RATED R.  That should be enough to tell people not to bring kids, but apparently rated R means nothing to people. I'm not even going to tell you why not to bring kids to this film other then ... rated R. 

OK... there is that.  Now back to my review... I remember seeing Deadpool in that third Wolverine movie. I think I've seen that movie a total of one time.  So I don't even totally remember it, just that I thought Deadpool was going to be so much cooler. Oh and Ryan Reynolds played Deadpool in that movie too.  Then Ryan came back to the superhero world and played Green Lantern in a huge movie flop.  There is another movie I only saw once. It was awful... so when I heard Reynolds was going to play Deadpool again I was surprised.  I really didn't expect anyone to allow him to be a superhero again. 

Sooo... a few years ago some footage "leaked" online of a Deadpool movie that could possibly be made and fans went nuts.  It was the Deadpool movie people wanted.  What does that even mean you ask??  Well.. Deadpool comics are naughty.  He speaks to the comic reader since he knows he is a comic book character (which he also does in the movie), he has sex, he kills, he is bad but... good.

The movie explores his origin (which is tied to the XMEN) and at the same time we get to see him trying to get revenge on the guy who caused him to have a mutant gene exposed. What I like about Deadpool is that he isn't trying to save the world... he isn't trying to join some big group (Avengers/XMEN/Justice League). I also love that this is an adult movie.  One of the reasons I am loving the shows Jessica Jones and Daredevil on Netflix.  It is more for an adult audience. What I would really like to see is a Spiderman and Deadpool crossover.  Those two are so funny in the comics. 

So... I recommend this movie.  It stays true to the comic.  I hope there isn't some R rated superhero bandwagon now.  I heard the next Wolverine is going to be rated R.  Ughhh... I used to love Wolverine until he started off on his own movies so maybe if it is rated R his movies will get better.  

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