Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday (#1)

Top Ten Bookish Confessions
Everyone has at least one bookish confession (and in my case I have six). Join us in spilling our deepest held secrets around one of our most beloved pastimes. Everyone has a bookish confession. What's yours? If you have one feel free to share it, if not feel free to commiserate with ours -Julia

This is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish 

Ok so here goes.... my first Top Ten Tuesday!

1.   A big confession that some of my readers may not know is that 98% of my books come from the library.  I hardly EVER buy a book anymore.  I just can't afford it.

2.  I love my ereader!  I never thought I would say that but my mom bought me one for my birthday and I didn't think I would like it. Of course since mom and dad got it for me I gave it a shot and just love it.  I get quite a few Net Galley books on it too!

3.  I moderate two big groups on goodreads.  The Stephen King Fan group which now has almost 4000 members and the YA Book Club which almost has 5000 members!!  I work really hard on these groups.  I have had quite a few author Q&A's in the YA Book Club so stop by for this month's with Courtney Summers.

4.  I get mad when I go to the library and someone is parked in one of the two spots set aside for people who are supposed to park and just go up to the building and return their books and then go back to their car.  Instead they park in those spots and go inside and do whatever.  THE SIGN IS IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE!

5.  I didn't read all through high school.  I just didn't have time.  I read all through middle school (Fear Street) and then I didn't read again until college!!

6.  I don't cry when reading books normally.  Maybe it's that I stay away from books that make me cry.  Just not interested in being sad when I am reading.  I want to be happy and get away from normal life.

7.  I do NOT loan out books that are signed.  I just refuse to even give someone the possibility to lose it or ruin it.  I'm sure it would be an accident if they did that but I just don't want to deal with it.

8.  I hate people loaning me books and saying it is the best book ever.  I think feel like I have to read it and then push it up in front of everything else on my TBR pile!!

9.  I am NOT a write and am tired of people thinking that because I read that automatically makes me a writer.  And then when I tell them I only read they look at me all weird.

10. I do NOT bend corners of books to save my spot.  That annoys me and that ruins the book.  I mean how would you like to read a library book is someone has bent it all to hell????

Well that is all... I really enjoyed doing the Top Ten Tuesday and plan to participate again!!


  1. I know what you mean! I have three signed books and even my friends I really trust and know look after books, I just don't lend it to them. Once I loaned someone a book and her dog ate it. I was not impressed, in fact it's quite safe to say I was bawling like a baby -.- I'm also going to go to the library more, I've just discovered you can order books from other libraries to read, so I'm just doing that now. :)

    1. I am actually the same way with video games and movies!!

  2. Great list!

    #1 -- I really need to utilize the library more often. MOST of my books are bought or for review. It's rare that I go to the library..mostly because the YA section stinks.

    #3-- YAY Goodreads moderators! I totally created and moderate the College Students group on there and I'm one of your members on the YA book club. Not an active member because I've been sorta MIA on Goodreads groups recently.

    #5 SAME HERE. I went through this drought during that time.

    1. Love the post it reviews on your blog... totally cute!!!

  3. I leant out a signed book once, to my roommate, and had anxiety the entire time she had it. I got it back in the same condition (phew) but don't think I could ever do that again. Its just way too stressful!

    Kristan @ Lost Amongst the Shelves

  4. I get 99% of my books from the library too - thankfully, I belong to a pretty good library system and they even get new releases in a very timely manner.