Sunday, August 19, 2012

True Blood is Awful this season!!!

Is it just me, or is True Blood TERRIBLE this season?  What is going on??????  The only story that was any good to me this season was Pam and Tara's!! 

Spoilers!!!!!!! The whole fairy plot line is so odd...  I feel like there is no love story this season, who is this guy hunting down Sookie.. some weird shadow.  Pam taken by the Authority.  The whole puppy dog chase by Sam. The Naked Blood Lady  oh I mean Lilith appearances and the stupid night where all the vampires went on some sort of drunk party rampage.  Terry's smoke monster.  Bombing True Blood factories.  Werewolves pack masters fighting and on V.  Roman (enough said about him).   Lafayette a medium. Jessica finding herself. Bill going bananas.  Jason and Sookie avenging their parents deaths.  I am getting a headache just listing all these and I am leaving some out!!  There are just so many plot lines subplot lines going.. all at once going in ALL different directions!!

What do you guys think????  Are you liking or hating this season?


  1. I am a few episodes behind, but this season has been atrocious. I am not even sure I want to continue watching it. Ever.

  2. Agreed True blood seems to be gettin worse and worse, way way to many POV plot lines. i could care less about holly, terry, sherrif and few more names i just can't remember cause i skip through those parts. Theirs just way to much goin on all at once.