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And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie

Title: And Then There Were None
Author:  Agatha Christie
Pages: 204
Published: October 1991 by Berkley Books (first published November 6th 1939)
Source: Borrowed
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Perhaps the greatest mystery novel of all time, And then there were none is Agatha Christie's acclaimed masterpiece of murder and suspense. Ten strangers are gathered together on an isolated island by a mysterious host. One by one, the guests share the darkest secrets of their wicked pasts. And one by one, they die ...

I have discovered that I love Agatha Christie! This was my second book of hers and it was great.   I am a huge fan of the game Clue.  I had no idea until my sister told me that Clue is based off this book!  So then I really had to read it.  I had been kind of putting off reading it but then Lifetime recently aired the miniseries based on the book and so I really wanted to read the book before watching it.

Clue the movie
So in the book there are 10 people invited to a mysterious island from someone that they all think they know.  They all get to this island and start meeting each other.  While talking a record player starts talking and announcing that each person in the room is a murderer.  The record player says each person's name and who they supposedly killed.  Right after this happens someone dies .. just falls over in the room and after that the body count doesn't stop. The guests of the house start trying to figure out who is murdering everyone, they start turning on each other, teaming up with each other just to figure out what exactly is going on.  I of course never guessed who did it... I swear I am the worst at mysteries. I don't really do a lot of mysteries so I really haven't caught on how to pick up the clues to figure things out.  But I plan on reading a lot more mysteries.

The book is certainly a product of it's time.  Turns out that in the UK the book was originally called Ten Little Nword (the name of the poem) but of course that was racist so then the US called it Ten Little Indians which of course was eventually considered racist.  Soooo the title was changed to And Then There Were None and the poem name was changed to Ten Little Soldiers (though my old copy still had it called Ten Little Indians).  While reading... I did write down the characters and who they were to keep them straight.  I thought this was really helpful and I thought it might help me solve the mystery.

This book has been published so many times that there are just tons of fantastic covers for the book. Seriously google them.   I can't believe I waited soo long to read this!   Fantastic!

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