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Under the Dome Summer Readalong- Update 1

Saturday, June 8, 2013

So the Under The Dome readathon has begun for me... if you don't know about it and want to know more go here to learn more!  Hope you join all of us!!  It is super fun.  So for me this is my first audio book.  Today I was on a long road trip and listened to the audio for 9 hours.  It's crazy but I haven't even put a dent in the number of disks that come with the audio.   It comes with 30 disks and I am probably in the middle of disk 7.  

I don't know what to think of audio books.  For one thing... it sure did make the trip seem like it was only a couple hours rather then 9 hours!! Loved that.  I did have to pay close attention though and listen.  My mind wandered a couple times and I had to rewind the CD.  Oh ... and I got pulled over.  No I didn't get a ticket... I got pulled over going 74 in a 70... REALLY?  I got a warning for that.  Ummm... yea wow... so I had to pause the disk for that stupid incident.  Back to the audio... I liked the narrator who is Raul Esparza  (click on his name to read a great Q&A with him about Under the Dome).  I did think when he tried to do a woman's voice it was kind of funny but what was he supposed to sound like... he is a man after all.   He did really well with mixing a ton of characters voices but allowing us to be able to tell who is who.  I mean Under the Dome has a TON of characters.  

In fact this week.... before I start my next listening session I was going to make a list of the characters so that I can keep them straight.  I'll include this list in my next update post.  I should be able to listen to the almost the whole audio (which I think is 34 hours) in this little family visiting vacation I am doing right now.  I still have a 6 hour trip to see my sister... and then 6 hours back.  And then 9 hours to get back home.  So I really think I am going to push out this audio book with ease. 

I am the moderator of the Stephen King Fans group and since I am the main moderator I am always embarrassed that I haven't read all the King books... so it's nice to get another one under my belt.

I check out the book from the library at the same time as having the audio book.  After listening to the audio I just knew there had to be a map in the hard copy book.. and sure enough there is.  So I am going to post it here!! 

Well I should post update 2 this coming weekend!!  Be sure to be on the look out for my Under the Dome adventure!!

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  1. I didn't realize that the show was based on the book. I hadn't seen this book before, but my sister is the huge Stephen King fan so I'm certain she knows of it. I hope you are enjoying your trip and your journey into this large book as well! Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven.

    1. The trip is fun... but to be honest I just want to hop in my car and start listening again!!! :)

  2. Kudos to you on tackling such a long audio for your first one! Listening takes some some time to get used to but it sounds like you're doing a great job. I do have to make a small quibble about the narrator's voices for some of the men (like Rennie and Randolph) as they sounds like they have slow southern drawls and it always pulls me out of the audio. I'm glad you posted the map because it's TINY on my ebook version and I can't figure out how to enlarge it.

    I hope that you enjoy the rest of your trip!

    1. I was surprised at the southern accents since they live in Maine. But I guessed that the narrator did this to help us distinguish between characters. The audio is perfect since my road trip is so long!

  3. I was really thankful that the book included a 'cast of characters' at the front (along with a map) so I could keep everyone straight ... as for an audio experience, what a great way to get into the story!

    I've finished the book at this point and am just waiting for people who haven't to make specific comments so I don't spoil their experience ... one question I have about the listening experience is just how Raul E gets that distinctive Maine/Yankee accent ... or does he pass on that?

  4. Oh, I really enjoyed Under the Dome and can't wait to watch the show. I hope you like it as much as I did. I listened it on audiobook as well and the narrator really brought the characters to life, imo. :)
    Happy readalong!

  5. This is your first audio? Wow. You brave brave soul. I would never recommend something quite so long to a newbie. Hope it continues to rock :)

  6. My favorite book!!! i hope to have a lot of seasons!!!!! :D

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