Wednesday, June 12, 2013

2013 Reading Road Trip Hop Sign-Ups

I thought I would tell everyone about a Reading Road Trip hop I am participating in.  It looks like a lot of fun so I had to jump in.  I have the state of Utah and can't wait to get started.  My date is July 24th to post!
The event takes place during the month of July and spans the entire North American continent. 3 countries and 50 states (and one District of Columbia!). Think of it as a unique twist to the classic giveaway hop we see gracing the blogosphere.

Each day during the Road Trip, one or two blogs will post a giveaway with some fun facts about his/her state/country/district.

The giveaway must feature:
(a): books that take place in your chosen state/country, OR
(b): books written by an author who lives in your chosen state/country.

Who can sign up to host? Any blog is welcome to participate! Both hosting blogs are YA driven, but the road-trip is open to all levels. YA/Adult/MG will be specified in the final list.

Once sign-ups are complete and assignments are finalized, we'll put up another post with a list of all the hosts and locations. We'll even publish an trip itinerary with easy links and dates that you can bookmark and visited all month long!

Ready to be a host? The sooner you sign up, the higher the chance of your first choice state being available!

Simply fill out the form below with your top three choices of a state/country. We will assign the places at a first come, first serve basis. If your top three have already been taken, you will be contacted and allowed to choose over the people who signed up after you (and so on).

I want to host, but I don't know what book to giveaway... We've solved that problem this year! See THIS LIST for YA novels by the state they take place in.

Go here to sign up and pick a state for the hop

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