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Top Ten Tuesday- Favorite Authors

Monday, April 20, 2015

It’s Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by The Broke and the Bookish! This week's topic is top then favorite authors.  I read such a variety of books that I really only have a few top ten authors.  Ones that I love sooo much that I would buy anything from them.    So let's get started:

1.  Stephen King is hands down my favorite author.  He got me into reading.  I've been to a book signing of his and it was such a great night

2.  Charlaine Harris.  This is another author who got me into reading.  The Sookie Stackhouse books are so fun to me.  Though I have to admit I haven't read any of Harris' other books.  Though I should!

3.  George RR Martin.  Even though I get very annoyed with the fact that it takes Martin forever to write a book... I love his writing.  I also love how involved he is with his fans.  His blog is fun to read.

4. Janet Evanovich.  I really enjoy her fun writing style.  I could probably read her book in one day, but I love how fun and carefree her writing is. I wish she would go on a book tour near me.  It would be so fun!

5. Marissa Meyer.  She is the author of the Lunar Chronicles and I really just love her writing so much.  After the Lunar Chronicles are complete I can't wait to read what book she has coming out next!

6. Rainbow Rowell.  I really like the books this author puts out.  So meaningful.  She writes books for the everyday person going through everyday problems.  I love her instagram account too!

7. Laini Taylor.  This is another author I have really grown to love. She only has one book series out right now but I can't wait to read more from her.  I am curious what she will write about.

8. The Oatmeal.  I love this comic and will read anything this man writes!! 

9. Jane Austen.  I really love her books.  They make me feel like I am in another time and place.  The romance, the way people talk and dress.  I sometimes wish I lived in this time.

10. RA Salvatore.  Such a great fantasy writer.  I just love love his work.  He builds a huge world around a few characters that I just grew to love.
Might as well add #11!  JK Rowling.  I have only read her Harry Potter books but they are amazing.

What about you this week??  Who are some of your favorite authors??



  1. Jessica @ a GREAT readApril 21, 2015 at 5:33 AM

    Rowling is always on the list! Even if she isn't actually written down on the physical/post list! It's an unspoken constant! LOL!

    Great picks! I enjoy Marissa Meyer too! Though she wasn't on my list.

    Here's my Tuesday Post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  2. Good list! I need to finish the Sookie series, I think I am on book 10? They are delightfully fast and fun reads!

  3. I love Charlaine Harris though I haven't read any of her Sookie Stackhouse books. I loved her series with the woman who had gotten struck by lightening and could sense dead bodies and the Aurora Teagarden books. Both lean more to standard mysteries. Marissa Meyer and Laini Taylor are on my authors to try list and Stephen King! I can't believe I haven't read him yet! Great list!

  4. Great list! We have a few in common. Stephen King, is one of them, and OMG you met him! So jealous, but also so happy for you.

    My TTT

  5. Love this list, such a great collection of authors! PLUS THE OATMEAL. I cannot wait for the game he's helping create to come out, it is going to be awesome! Sorry, sidetracked! But I love this list If you're a Charlaine fan, I really recommend her latest series 'Midnight Crossroad' - so good!
    My TTT

  6. I agree about Rowling. So I had to squeeze her in at the last minute. I actually almost forgot about her.

  7. I never read the last Sookie book, even though I own it. So I would like to do a re-read of the series this year. The show is nothing like it so I can't watch the show to catch up on what was going on in the books.

  8. How funny that you hadn't read any of the Sookie books but have read all the rest of her books. Glad to know they are really good. You must read at least one Stephen King. You might fight that you adore him like me.

  9. I couldn't believe I got tickets to meet King. Though... if you check out the post we didn't actually get to meet him like typical book signings. Which was good and bad.

  10. I can't wait for that game either... I want to see what people think of it. I didn't actually contribute to the kickstarter for it. I know a lot of people who back kickstarters I just am leery about them.

  11. Yea, the show certainly departed from the books pretty early on. Not sure if it is a 100% good or bad thing.

  12. Don't hate me, but the only one I like is the last one.

  13. Ooh, I didn’t know you liked Austen, I don’t think. I’ve read Emma and P&P, the latter which I adore (though Emma was a bit frustrating for me)- the way she writes romance and characters is so brilliant. Real and believable and clearly withstanding time.

    Laini Taylor writes so beautifully. I happened to be on her website the other day and I think she might have published books before, though I’m not sure… anyway, I’ve only read DoSaB and it is SO, so gorgeous. I can’t wait to read the second book. Which I should already be doing.


  14. Angela, your #1 and #11 would also be on my list! I'd also add Chuck Klosterman, John Grisham, Terry Fallis, and it would be tough to narrow it down from there - neat idea!

  15. You have so many of my top favorites that I need to check out some of the other authors I haven't read such as Marissa Meyer and Laini Taylor.


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