Friday, November 7, 2014

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor Video Game Review

I was excited about Shadow of Mordor when I first heard about it.  Then I heard it is a mix of the Batman games and Assassin Creed games.  I love the Batman games but can't stand the Assassin Creed games.  So I gave it a shot. Honestly it is way too violent of a game for me.  I am going through some anxiety right now so things that are too violent bother me.

We do actually get to go in and see Mordor though it is not how I would picture it at all.  People are living there.  You run around an open world fighting a bunch of different Orc bosses.  If they end up killing you then that Orc continues to level up.  You can level up your weapons too.  It's crazy... every time you go to face a new Orc captain there is a whole intro scene for that Orc.  The Orcs also have hilarious names.

The constant blood everywhere and beheadings just weren't for me.  I am not usually sensitive to violence but it was just too gory.  I play a lot of first person shooters and just like my violence to be more pretend.  Shooting aliens and what not with fake looking blood.  Eventually a friend came over and played the game and I just read while he was doing it so I didn't have to watch all the gore and just looked up during cut scenes.

I didn't love this game... but plenty of people out there do.  It has a high score from reviewers so I guess it just depends on what you are looking for. 


  1. Sorry this wasn't quite for you! I can see it working for a lot of different people though.


  2. I would like to try this game. Hopefully its not too gory for me!

  3. If you like Assassin's Creed you will like this game for sure.

  4. It has high scores from reviewers so a lot of people like it.

  5. The game sounds really good to me but I can see why it was disappointing. Sometimes the gor and violence level gets a little to much in games. I'm having a problem with the idea of people living in Mordor. That just seems completely wrong.

  6. Oh man... like NORMAL people where living in Mordor. NORMAL. I guess they were like freed slaves or something. It was like a pretty side of Mordor. It's crazy. I might give this game another shot when things calm back down.