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National Library Week April 14th-20th

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I love my library.  It is where I practically get every single one of my books.  I read so much that I just don't have the money to buy everything I read.  So I always like to tell people about National Library Week.  This year the ALA has teamed up with Caroline Kennedy to help promote the event. Kennedy said that all types of  libraries are, “tabernacles of personal freedom: freedom of thought, freedom of expression,  freedom of opportunity and the  true test of liberty – freedom to dissent,” and noted that, “Libraries have a critical role in teaching the higher order thinking skills that students need under the Common Core curriculum, and the research techniques  and analytics that are so critical in the information age.”

This is a great week to go to your library and check out what events they have going on. Here are some national events for that week:

Top Ten List of  Frequently Challenged Books - released in State of America’s Library Report (Monday, April 15)
National Library Workers Day (Tuesday, April 16)
National Bookmobile Day (Wednesday, April 17)
Support Teen Literature Day (Thursday, April 18)

Also.. if you are interested in supporting your library and do like to own books then you should for sure check out your library's book sales.  Usually you can get amazing deals and all the money will help the library.  



  1. This week sounds really interesting! I agree, I seriously love my library it's such a convenient way to get books! I definitely need to check out this event and possibly talk to my library about it :)

    Thanks for sharing, Angie!

    1. Your library is probably doing events for it! Post about it if you go and do something with your library.

  2. Yay for libraries! I don't really need to use it but I like to support my local one for those that do. Would hate to see them disappear.

    1. I would hate to see them disappear too. I don't even know how I would read as much as I do.

  3. My family is made up of librarians so I support!:)


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