Friday, April 5, 2013

Project Disney- Sleeping Beauty

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Project Disney: The plan is to tackle all of the Disney films, re-reading the classic stories and tales that inspired many of them and to look at how the changes the filmmakers made, the new elements they introduced and the essential elements they kept. We will, of course, be talking about the films as movies as well, saying why we enjoy them and what some of our favorite moments are, but our focus will be on looking at them as adaptations. For the films that are not drawn from any one work we’ll be looking at some of the possible literary influences that we see in the stories.  Inspired by Project Disney from Picture Me Reading.

This week we are talking all about Maleficent.. oh I mean Sleeping Beauty.  This movie is based off the book "The Sleeping Beauty  by Charles Perrault or "Little Briar Rose"by the Brothers Grimm. This is my second favorite Disney movie behind Cinderella.  I love this movie.. the art, the story, the evil, the good, the everything!  One of the best.  First I'll compare the stories to the movie.

The movie is basically based off the Perrault story.  Though in his story there are 7 fairies who show up for Aurora's birthday party and one that was left out because she was thought to be dead or missing. This fairy then curses Aurora to prick her finger on a spinning wheel .. and DIE!  Did you just say that in your head in Maleficent's voice?  Because I know I did!

Anywho... also Aurora is not taken away to live with fairies.  She stays in the castle and one day the king and queen go out and she happens to try out a spinning wheel and pricks her finger.  A fairy comes and realizes that the princess will wake with no one there so she puts the whole castle to sleep and covers the outside with thorny bushes. (In Grimm's version there is only the Queen and she dies because she is so worried about her daughter after she pricks her finger.  ) A prince discovers the castle and sees the princess who wakes up after 100 years at that moment (he does not kiss her) and she was in love!

So the prince and the princess marry and have two children.  He becomes King and then must go off to war and put his mother on the throne as regent.  While she was ruling she wanted to eat both of the prince and Aurora's children!  (Yes this is not only in the Grimm version). The servant who was supposed to feed her the children hides them and feeds her something else instead.  The prince's mother discovers this and then tries to throw Aurora and her children in a huge pot to cook but the prince comes into the courtyard when it is about to happen and then his mother throws herself in instead.

Many differences from the original Sleeping Beauty story compared to the Disney version.   There are many characters missing. Maleficent who is probably a representation of the prince's mother.  The three fairies Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather.  I love these characters.  Disney has made an AMAZING villain in this movie.  I would have to say the TOP villain.  Yes I said it! I wish Disney movies still had villains like her.  She was like true evil....  her minions... her castle... turning into a DRAGON.. and wanting to murder Aurora.  Really you just don't see that anymore.

I also love the whole pink/blue dress changing!  Genius!  And the music in the movie... beautiful!  The scenery in the movie is breath taking as well.  Walt Disney used artist  Eyvind Earle for drawing the background images in the film.  I would love to own some of these pieces and hand them in my home!

And for those of you who have been following my Project Disney posts you know I love Annie Leibovitz photos for the Disney campaign!  If you haven't seen them all google them and check them out! David Beckham as Prince Charming??  Yes please!!

Well I do think Sleeping Beauty is really a good movie.  A little dated yes.. but the artwork is classic and the characters are really amazing.  Aurora is not my favorite princess.. but she loves nature and life and is innocent.  What do you think of this film?

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  1. I LOVE MALEFICENT! She is my all time favorite disney villain as well..she rocks!

  2. Aurora is my least favorite princess. She's so lame. But the film is gorgeous. I saw it the first time as a kid at the drive-in. When I watched this with my daughter, she wanted to be Maleficent. I was proud.

    1. Yes.. the villain! And Maleficent is just so amazing! And .. I may have misspelled her name above oops!

  3. I love the movie, love the artwork, and love Maleficent! And I adore the Prince in this movie. It's one of the few "princess" movies where the Prince actually does some fighting and acts like a man.

    1. I agree my favorite prince.. I love when he tells the horse "NO CARROTS!"

  4. I love Sleeping Beauty too, both the original story and the movie :)
    Maleficent <3

    Btw, David Beckham as Prince Charming? Yes, please :)

    1. Yea .. I love the celebrities as Disney characters!!

  5. This is my all time favourite Disney movie too! And it's mostly because of Maleficent (and I'm super excited to see the new Maleficent movie soon). I love these book to movie reviews of the Disney movies. And I had no idea what the original books were like for Sleeping Beauty. I think I need to go read these now. Great posts!

  6. I too cannot wait for the Maleficent movie. I am SERIOUS about that. It better live up to my dreams!!! This book is actually a short story and won't take you long at all to read it. You can even find it on the internet. Hope you can find them and read them!

  7. I'm on the hunt now. ;) And I agree about the movie!