Monday, July 21, 2014

Wolfenstein New World Order- Video Game Review


Wolfenstein is a really really great game.  I hadn't actually planned on playing it but started to hear so much about it that I went ahead and went over to Redbox and rented it. It was so worth it.
I actually haven't played the previous games.  The third game in the series (1992) is known as the game that made the first person shooter game what it is today.  So I wish I would've played that one.  The premise of the game is Nazi Germany won the war and pretty much runs the world.  You play BJ who is trying to save the world from the Nazis.  The Nazis have created a scary world full of robots. 

Graphics from the first Wolfenstein compared to the current one

I think that the first thing I should say is this game is violent. Really bloody.  This doesn't bother me but if you don't like that .. then avoid this game. This game is rated M for a reason.  I love first person shooters.  I have sooo much fun with them.  The controls on this game are really smooth too.  The graphics are amazing.  I wish I could've rented it on an Xbox One but since Redbox doesn't rent those yet... I played it on the PS3.  So I know the graphics on the new generation systems would be so amazing.

There are a lot of great cut scenes that help move the story along.  Plus the main character speaks every now with some internal dialog that also helps you understand the story too. The shooting is perfect.  You can dual wield, throw knives, you find ammo around the level to reload.  There is a great stealth system too.  So you can sneak through levels and not be spotted. I did think the game got a little long but that might be perhaps because I was trying to hurry and get it returned without renting it for 3 nights. 

I really do think this is a great game and am so glad that I picked it up to play.  If you love first person shooters this game is really for you.  8 out of 10


  1. I don't play fps but my eldest daughter and son do, so I will pass on the good word. Thanks for highlighting this.

  2. Good.. it was really fun and you can get it at redbox for $2 a day... such a deal!

  3. I loved the old Wolfenstein games! I loved the old one with the crappy graphics and the having to bust out of the prison. So great! My older son has the new one on Xbox and has been loving it as well! It makes me want to play again.

  4. Wolfenstein games are just so fun. Actually.. all video games are fun to me. LOL.. but this one was just really well put together. I almost didn't play it and I am glad I gave it a shot.

  5. Oh hey - have you heard of DON'T STARVE? it's a Steam game - a friend just told me about it today - I'm totally so so tempted to buy it - I hear there are lots of death, it's 'roguelike' which i have no idea what that means but its very Tim Burtonesque

  6. Hooray! i was just thinking about splurging and buying it as well. If I can get two more review books read this week I totally will!