Sunday, May 8, 2011

Thor Review

Ok as you know I mix reviews of books, movies and video games on this blog.  This Friday night I went to Thor and LOVED it.  I thought it had wonderful action, romance, comedy, guys, and superheros.   I love all the movies that are leading up to the big Avenger movie in a few years.  If you do go to see this remember to stick around after the credits (like all Marvel movies) to wait for a special scene.   I would also recommend seeing this in 3D IMAX.  It was decent 3D (I haven't been enjoying 3D lately because they are just making every movie 3D).  Green Lantern and Captain America has a lot to live up to!


  1. I really liked this movie too! Next up is Captain America, and the two Chris's ;D
    The Avengers is actually coming out next year; it's going to be exciting!

  2. I have to admit i didn't expect to like Thor XD
    It made me excited about the Avengers ^^

  3. I haven't heard of this -- action packed!

    Just stopping by to let you know our Table Talk story prompts are up -- link back is on Friday.

  4. Oh, you lucky goose. Many have been telling me that this movie is right up my alley ;) I hope so and that trailer is telling me so. LOL!

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