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Monday, December 22, 2014

Read Play Blog is a meme about video games and books, posted every 16th of the month. Bloggers are encouraged to answer a discussion question, and recommend a video game that is similar to a book they liked. Hosted by Happy Indulgence Books & Read Me Away.
This month's topic: Gaming Wishlist 

I love games so much... and I have been meaning to participate in this little blogging event for a long time now. I do post video game reviews on my blog so be sure to stop by and check them out.  This meme is only a once a month post so it can't be that hard to keep up with.  I only wish I had thought of this meme before.. I did kind of once but never really did anything with it and next thing I know BOOM there is one out there.  I suppose it's that fear that if I try to start an event will people actually want to participate???  Anywho...

These are the games I would want for Christmas (if I actually bought games... I usually get them from my library, redbox, or borrow them from friends):

1.  Dragon Age Inquisition.  I will be playing it soon since my friends do own it.  I am just waiting for them to hurry up and finish it.  Everyone says it's such a great game.  This is great because while I loved the first one the second one (Origins) kind of fell flat for me.  In fact, I saw someone buying Dragon Age Origins in the thrift store tonight for $10.   I seriously can't wait to get my hands on it.  
2.  Game of Thrones TellTale game.  This is the first time in a long time I haven't played a TellTale game along with the release of each chapter.  This is because my friend isn't buying it this time and I could just use the share feature on Playstation.  Such a bummer.  So I am going to have to wait until all 6 chapters are out for this game. Gaw... then I found out that TellTale is going to be working on a Minecraft game and I am like NOOOOOoooo... they need to work on Walking Dead, and Wolf Among Us, or start hiring more people. 

3.  I love the Little Big Planet games so I am excited to try out Little Big Planet 3.  These games are clever and even have catchy tunes.  I jammed out to the other ones while playing.  I think they are just really creative.  The graphics are beautiful and you get to collect these stickers in each level which of course I try to get them all! 

4.  For those of you that read the blog often you know I love love Lego games.  They are just so fun and addictive.  Lego released another Batman game... titled of course Batman 3.  The first two were really a lot of fun and I like how Lego grows with each game adding new things to not make the Lego games same ol' same ol'.

I would recommend to everyone the free games that are available right now through either Xbox Live or PSN.  There have been some great games. Right now on PSN Injustice Gods Among Us is a free game till the end of December and that is seriously a great deal!

What I'm Playing Now:

Destiny.  I just downloaded the DLC and am having fun with it!!  I still have a few issues with Destiny, like why isn't the DLC on a new planet????  But otherwise it is pretty fun and I love playing with friends.


Lego Hobbit.  Look for my review on this one soon.  I like how much this Lego game is different from all the other ones I have played.  



  1. Thanks for sharing! I know what you mean about not wanting to start memes or something that other people have to take part never know who will do it!


  2. I've been wanting to play some of those Telltale Games! I wanted to play Walking Dead, but then Wolf Among Us came out and I wanted to play that one even more, but now with Game of Thrones coming out I'm so conflicted! I want to play them all!

  3. Inquisition is fabulous. I'm 44 hours in right now and it is just addicting. I obsess on completing out every mission available, which will take forever. But it will be worth it. My total lack of blogging in December is all due to this game. Hope you can play soon!

  4. Thanks for joining the meme Angela! My partner is playing Dragon Age at the moment and is really enjoying it! I can see the Game of Thrones game is on sale at the moment, definitely going to treat myself to a Christmas present. Have a wonderful Christmas!

  5. Redbox has them for like $2 a night. The games take about 5-6 hours to play them straight so I bet you could play both Walking Dead and Wolf Among Us in a weekend if you really got down to it! :)

  6. I cannot wait for Inquisition!! I just want my friend to beat it so I can play it but I don't want to bug him too much since he loans me all his games and I don't want him to get pissy with me and quit. I just want to play!! In fact... you inspired me to ask another one of my friends if I can borrow their Dragon Age ( I don't normally borrow games from them but what the hell???)

  7. I love to get 100% too. It's fun. Though I have to admit that I have never actually achieved 100% in any of them yet. Ughhh... I did not want to admit that! There are so many complaints about Destiny. I myself have like 100 of them. I agree about the armor drops. You have to wait for Zur to get anything good and buy your stuff from him. Plus I am still annoyed that it's not cross platform like they said it would be. I think though I have fun on it because I chit chat with friends for a few hours while playing.

  8. I love this meme and don't know why I haven't joined before. In fact... I would always read the topic and just get lazy. I love that the meme is once a month too... it's perfect!!

  9. I always wanted to play the Little Big Planet games, I have no idea were the games are about, but they sound and look fun! I heard another blogger who was a big fan of those TellTale game, but the stories don't really sound interesting to me so far. Minecraft on the other sounds fun ;).

  10. The Little Big Planet games are fun! Maybe a little like Mario in the fun department. I can't wait to get my hands on the third one.

  11. What a perfect gift! Too bad the damn internet for PS4/Xbox got hacked again.

  12. That's totally understandable. I had a lot of fun when I was playing with my boyfriend online, but when I was by myself I just didn't enjoy it as much.

  13. Dragon Age and the GoT game are two titles that I saw pop up a few more times in last month's RPB. I really want to play Dragon Age! :D It looks great, I've heard great things. I just have to wait until I upgrade my laptop into something faster.

  14. I want to play Dragon Age too.. I have been waiting for my friends to beat it. They are taking soooo long!! I just want to be like hurry up you guys!! But since I borrow so many games from them I try not to be pushy. LOL!


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